Wednesday, December 29, 2010

China, China, China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following recent interview reiterates rather succinctly many of the things I have been saying for years, long before they began to happen:

World Tired of Paying Bill for US Military

I warned that all this would happen, in, among many other places, the following articles:

The Quiet Counter-Attack, November 29, 2006

Pawning Off America, December 14, 2007

How Do You Fight a War, When You Have No Money? Jewry Is Setting Up Iran for a Nuclear Holocaust, October 09, 2008

Chinese Checkers and the Star of David, June 13, 2009

Though I was alone in saying these things when first I said them, this is all basically old news today. What comes next?

The Chinese and Indians need to reduce their population density in order to make Asia the America of tomorrow, a coming ecological disaster. There are many ways to accomplish this necessary end, among them famine, disease, war, sterilization and emigration.

The coming food crisis and the manipulation of the genetics of the food chain will produce both the necessary famine and sterilization needed to reduce the population density of Asia. The Jews also want to destroy the natural environment of the Earth, so expect massive Asian emigration to the wilderness of Russia, Africa and all of the Americas. The natural world will perish in this century if we do not stop the Jews.

China will reduce its exports to the USA so as to unhitch from the dollar and internalize its own economy, just as I predicted would happen, years ago. We no longer have the Jews working for us to rape the World, so there is no longer a pressure to suppress China, unless we real Americans apply it. There is also no longer a pressure to prop America up. Quite the contrary, the controlling forces, the Jews, are actively destroying America and setting up China to take our place, as I predicted would happen on page 465 of my book of early 2006, The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein. I had said all of this even earlier than that.

We can block the plans of the Chinese by renouncing our debts as the product of Jewish nationalist subversion of our country and send the Chinese after the Jews. However, as Professor Michael Hudson says, and as I have said for years, we need our government to be strong in order to recover from the Jewish attack and increase our productive output. The revolution called for in the alternative media, which is controlled by the Jews, is exactly what we ought not to do. Rather we should use the political process to rout out the Jews and expel them from public life and build our nation, rather than tear it down and balkanize it such that we are forever fighting one another, rather than the Jews.

Instead of striking and shutting down America in protest, as the Jews advise we do, we should instead wage war on Jewry and strengthen America. Since we no longer have the incentive to maintain reserve currency status and thereby obtain cheap imports, we must build our Autarky. We need a strong government, not a ruined government, to do this.

A strong government can direct loan capital where it is needed, and our comparative lack of social problems will enable us to defeat our competitors. But we must prevent the Asians from emigrating and avoid war, which will, of economic necessity, become a nuclear war. The only means to do this is to remove Jews from influence, and the only way to do that is with the full powers of a powerful State.