Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Look At It, Fix It!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have deliberately rendered the "anti-Zionist Movement" ineffectual by making it a forum for bitching rather than acting. Consider the fate of a family of pioneers who whined and sat on their backsides gazing onward as things went wrong, rather than fixing them.

Suppose the father of this family failed to grease the axles on his covered wagon, because no else did it for him. The wheels then fell off out in the wilderness. Everything inside spilled out onto the ground, and animals came to eat the fallen food.

Now imagine that this family stared at this calamity, rather than doing anything about it. They cheered and congratulated themselves when one of them pointed out one problem after the other, but did nothing to rectify the situation. Dad said, "Oh, look at the wheel!" Mom shouted, "the coyotes are eating our meat!" Little Becky warned, "If we don't collect the tent we will have no place to sleep!"

But no one picked anything up or fixed anything, they just stared at their problems and complained. Then the family died, when they could easily have greased the wheels, put them back on and secured the hubs, then reloaded their wagon and left.

Such is the sorry and deliberate state of the "anti-Zionist Movement" which is run by Jews employed by the Jewish gold cartel. I suggest you unhitch from them, and start to take action to save us all.

Individual self defense is not enough. Consider the fact that though you may refuse to go through x-ray scanners, your neighbors will. Now realize that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will marry the children of your neighbors, and that your DNA will mix with damaged DNA and produce monsters rather than human beings. We must act as a society and protect one another, because the Jews are attacking us at the most fundamental levels of life and saving ourselves as individuals is not enough. We must not only act as opposed to merely bitching, we must act on a grand and organized scale, which is what the Jews in the alternative media always try to prevent you from doing.