Thursday, December 09, 2010

If You Cross This Line, We Fight! Or Do We?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One of the reasons why Jews so heavily promote miscegenation is that the Jews believe that "race mixing" destroys human beings' survival instincts. One of the reasons why Jews so heavily promote "multiculturalism" is that the Jews believe that "diversity" reduces the majority to the least common denominator of its minority parts.

The natural world provides us with important instincts which enabled our ancestors to survive. We naturally define and mark our territory, distrust and fight off foreigners, demand the best food and shelter and will fight for them, etc. We become uncomfortable when others come to close to us, and especially when they touch us without permission. We don't like others telling us what to do, or humiliating us. We look to the strong, sane and honest to rule us, always with a preference for ruling ourselves. These instincts make us survival prone and improve the strength of our stock.

The Jews, who want to murder each and every one of us, are trying to destroy our natural instincts, so that we offer no resistance as they kill us. The Jews invite in an illegal invasion of our territory. They steal our personal property and land through usury, corporate capitalism and a corrupted educational system. They demand that we submit to a humiliating and illegal police State and do all they can to prevent us from defending ourselves, as they deliberately protect criminals. They chastize us if we identify ourselves by our historical origins and degrade them and us. Etc. Etc. Etc.

If Americans each held land that they owned outright, things would be different. We would have a much stronger sense of loyalty to our nation and to each other. We would be freer to enjoy our lives without being rent slaves. We would have an incentive to maintain and improve land. History proves that as land ownership transfers from personal human ownership by citizens or tribal members, to corporate and State ownership by hostile aliens, the land and the human being suffer. The Jews crossed this line and took from us our land, but we did not fight.

The Jews opened up our borders to foreigners, taking from us our sense of unity and sovereignty. We have clearly defined and marked borders, which today are a mere mockery. The Jews crossed this line and took from us our sovereignty and again we did not fight.

The Jews punish us if we "take the law into our own hands" and exact personal justice for ourselves. The Jews demand that we submit to a perverse police presence which degrades and humiliates us. The Jews crossed this line, and we did not fight.

The Jews took from us our homes and force parents to abandon their children in order to provide the means of life. America has overabundant resources which can easily feed and house our population with a minimum of labor, yet our own government has stood in the way of achieving this most basic individual prerogative in order to enable the usurers to work their heinous craft of enslaving us for life. The Jews crossed this line, stripping us of our humanity and human survival instincts, and again we did not fight.

The Jews poison our genes with toxins, corrupted food, and radiation, and we do not fight. The Jews poison our minds with self hatred and the hatred of others, and we do not fight. The Jews constantly cross all of these lines and trample upon our basic human survival instincts, and we do not fight.

Nature is cruel to those who do not obey her laws. She erases them from existence. Nature favors those who obey her laws by obeying their own instincts. We had better become human, and fast, or we will soon cease to exist.

Place Jewry on the scales of justice and weigh some 15-20 million inbred genocidal Jews against the billions of human beings, and it is easy to reckon what must be done. All that is needed is for us to obey our inner voice without the noise of Jewish whining inhibiting us from listening to ourselves.

Push back as the Jews close in on your soul. Defend yourself and your territory. The Jews have crossed the line over and over again. You must fight for your humanity, or lose it.

It amazes me that most all humans will combat forces which attack us in non-human form. We heat our homes and cook our food. The Jews pretend to be human as they set about exterminating the human race. If you will put an umbrella over your head to shelter yourself from the rain, will you not defend yourself from the aggressive Jew who is murdering you?

Alas, this is where the Jewish subversion of our rights of self defense in favor of a police State have crippled us. We look to and trust in a hostile and abstract police force to accomplish what we can better accomplish for ourselves. But there are no police we can call to save us from the Jews. We must become our own force. There will be no justice or survival if we do not regain our human instincts and act for ourselves, rather than become domesticated and unnatural cross bred slaves.

You see, the Jews are deliberately mixing you with others in hopes of taking away your instincts to fight, just as we have domesticated and enslaved many types of animals through cross breeding and selective breeding, the Jews are trying to domesticate and enslave us by encouraging the breeding of stupid and otherwise inferior types of persons to the exclusion of the breeding of intelligent, strong and productive human beings. Instead of youthful, healthy, honest and sane leadership, the Jews corrupt us with rule by the weak, old, mad and murderously deceitful. Instead of providing wealth to healthy, honest and productive families, the Jews concentrate it in the hands of the perversely cruel, selfish and disloyal.

We are all suffering for allowing the Jews to cross the line over our natural instincts. We must not only fight harder against the Jews, but also face the inert mass of our domesticated, dehumanized and castrated fellow citizens. And yes, the Jews are castrating our men with toxins and radiation, and are castrating our minds by undermining our natural survival instincts with insane and self destructive religions and corrupted educational and media institutions.