Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The National Debt and Gold, Part 2

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Imagine if you will, that Chaimy Goldusurer wants to steal your house. His cousin, Shlomo Goldthief is the local assessor and overvalues your house by one thousand fold, placing you in tax debts you cannot pay.

Chaimy, the king of Jewtown, then arbitrarily declares that gold is money and you must pay your taxes in gold. You are forced to hand over every last shaving of gold in your possession to Chaimy, but even that is not good nor gold enough. Not only must you pay Chaimy more gold, but if you want to buy food and obtain a salary for your work, you and your fellow citizens must borrow gold credits (not real gold) from Jerusalem Goldscum, an agent of Israel, which now holds all the gold in the World in its reserves in the Temple the Jews just built on site shortly after demolishing the Dome of the Rock.

Goldscum comes a knocking on your door the next day and wants you to pay him the interest on this loan in real gold. You cannot do so, not only because you are in debts you have no means to pay, but also because there is no real gold left in all of Jewtown.

Goldscum drags you before king Goldusurer and he demands that you give over title to your house, which your family has owned outright since 1776, to Goldscum and the Jewish State. Not only that, but every time you come to possess anything of value, you, and after you all of your descendants, must hand it over to the Jews as payment of interest on the interest accruing taxes of the house which remains a debt to you even though you no longer own the house, nor reside in it.

By the way, your name is Uncle Sam, and you have just been formally introduced to the Jew, a vampire that crawled out of Ur some 2,500 years ago and which has sucked the blood out of every nation on Earth since. You were naive enough to let him in and now will become the living dead for blessing him with all your life's blood. Such is the eternal curse of blessing the genocidal Jew.