Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The National Debt and Gold

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jews are deliberately increasing our debts while concurrently diminishing our ability to pay those debts. It is their ancient usurious trick to steal everything of value from our nation.

Our debt as a nation is only secured by the full faith and credit of our subverted government, which could renege on that debt, or monetize it with ease, freeing us from the yoke of debt slavery. That is not what the Jews want to have happen. Instead, the Jews want to put us on a gold standard, so that they can immediately confiscate all privately held gold, and so that they can immediately claim all gold held by the government in payment of the national debt, or by simply demanding specie payments on the immense sums of cash which the Jews have stolen from our treasury.

If we go on a gold standard, the Jews will immediately take all the gold in our nation and ship it overseas. We will then be left without any currency and remaining and increasing debts. In order to pay these debts and create currency, we will be forced to surrender our land and other property and to borrow electronic gold credits from the Jews, which will not be backed by real gold.

The moment this takes place, the Jews will own everything we have, having paid us nothing for it, having done no work to produce what is ours, and having shed no blood to acquire our territory. Going on the gold standard is about the stupidest thing a nation in deep debt could do, because the doo doo will only get deeper, and fast, as the gold of the nation flows away to Jerusalem.

How can we pay off the debts we already have in gold and maintain a gold currency? There is not enough gold in existence to manage this feat, unless we make gold infinitely valuable in crippling deflation as a currency, giving the Jews who hold most of it the ability to take all of our gold, then buy or foreclose on all we have with micrograms of the stuff, or none of it, but an illusion in computer code.

We have the force, the military strength, to tell the Jews to go to hell. We do not have to give them any of our property or land, let alone all of it. They have done nothing to deserve it. We should instead make it illegal for Jews to own property and confiscate all that they have in their possession.

We have to regain our instincts as living organisms and cease to depend on mental fictions the Jews have created to guide us into the grave. We have our physical might, our brain power and our numbers. We can crush these ticks in a matter of days.

It is only a Jewish illusion that we must pay them anything, let alone allow them to demand gold from us for what they have stolen from us. Stop believing the illusion that you owe the usurer anything, and the Jew is nothing but a sick rat caught under a thick wire trying to steal your golden cheese.

There is no possible way for us to pay our national debt in gold and maintain a gold currency. Going on the gold standard will enable the Jews to immediately confiscate all of our gold and send it overseas, never to return. We will then be forced to borrow electronic "gold" credits at interest and the Jews will demand specie payments in return (real gold in exchange for dollars), which we will not be able to make given the fact that there will be no real gold left in our borders. The Jews will then steal all we have, including our land, in exchange for more electronic credit which will only further enslave us.

We have no need to live under this Jewish usury system. We vastly outnumber the Jews and have the force we need to remove them from our lives. We can hold millions of them prisoner in our borders and aim our nuclear arsenal at the rest. We can send our military to eradicate the bankers and their wealth and free ourselves of this lethal threat for all time.

What we absolutely must not do is base our unpayable national debt on any real asset, let alone gold. To do so only gives the Jews the incentive to completely destroy our economy so that they can foreclose on the entire nation.

A civilized man does not allow any other man to steal his wealth and destroy his family and nation. A civilized man fights to protect himself, his family and his nation. Splash some cold water on your cowardly face and fight back!