Thursday, December 16, 2010

Only for the Love of Money Has the World Just Now Begun to Wake Up to the Jewish Problem

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The World was happy to sleep through the wars the Jews have waged in the Middle East. The people of planet Earth largely did not care as the Jews degraded and slaughtered Arabs and Afghans. They still don't, though they will gladly seize on the Jews' crimes to justify a counter-attack to recover their money. If you think I am being cynical, consider what would happen if the Jews suddenly caused the economies of the World to recover and grow. All would be immediately forgiven and the Jews could again slaughter and degrade their neighbors in warmongering peace.

It is only the Jews' deliberate attack on finance and the economy which has just now begun to shake the dreams of the masses and force them to look with unblinking eyes at the Jewish war of extermination on the human race. It is only for the love of money that the people of the World are now beginning to arise.

But do not place the blame for this monetary attack on fiat currencies. It resides instead in Jewry. The dollar and other currencies have proven themselves to be amazingly resilient to the Jews' attack far beyond what the Jews expected. Had not the Jews waged war on our currency, our money would lead us to prosperity most especially if we took control over it.

Under the pressure of this Jewish war on money, which will hopefully lead to a war on Jewry, metallic currency would have utterly collapsed us immediately. All the Jews would had to have done is horde the stuff, then demand specie payments in real metal; and/or simply have issued more gold credits and debts than exists in real gold and call in all loans. Every bank on Earth would then have collapsed in a matter of moments and the entire World would have been reduced to barter without any available credit with which to sow seeds.

Wake up World! But if you really love money so much, then shun the gold standard, as it affords the Jews the ultimate weapon with which to destroy all humanity.