Monday, December 06, 2010

The Precious Nature of Land

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews so value land, that they call the territory they want to steal from its indigenous peoples in the Middle East, "holy"; and the Jews desire to absolutely segregate it, such that no Gentile can even enter its borders, let alone own land. Everywhere else, the Jews promote internationalism.

The Jews are tricky buggers. They even promote internationalism in the form of "Libertarianism" and "Objectivism", which effectively declare that the individual is his or her own sovereign, and that all territory is available on the international market. In this way, the Jews would have you defend with your life land which is owned by international Jews in London and Tel Aviv, and sell off your nation on the auction block with no regard whatsoever for national sovereignty, unless it's Jewish sovereignty over your fate. In effect, the "Liberatarian" becomes a subject of a global State, and must suffer the worst the World has to offer as his own fate, and submit to a World-wide tyranny whose tentacles embrace everything and whose beak drains dry all life.

Conversely, though to the same effect, the Jews promote the Communist mythology that all property belongs to the Jewish controlled State. Communism is likewise international and encourages "permanent revolution", meaning perpetual war to acquire more land and property for the Jews, while murdering and impoverishing the Goyim.

The Jews own your land through usury and make you rent slaves who manage property they own, again taking from you your sovereign right to own land. But have you ever asked yourself why you are asked to defend land with your life, none of which ultimately belongs to you? The Jews even have you fighting and dying to claim land for internationalism in foreign territory, as part of their "permanent revolution" to wrest from humanity all sovereignty and rights.

Are we Americans so stupid that we cannot figure out a way for each family to have its own bit of land, to own it outright and to manage it for personal benefit? Are we so dumb that we cannot fathom the importance of ensuring that all land in America is American? Why should you defend territory which is owned by fictions, which corporations exist only to gain immunity from responsibility, and/or by foreigners, and why should you tolerate the incursion onto our soil of foreign and corporate ownership of land? How much land abroad does the average American own? In what natural sense does a fiction designed to abrogate duties have the rights of ownership?

The laws of nature are clear, and provide no basis for the Jewish usurpation of our territory. Though the Jews would have us reduce ourselves to the lowest common denominator of humanity and give up everything we have to an international marketplace in which the Jews rule through the power of the purse, a most unnatural set of circumstances where the weak dominate, it is our natural right to strengthen ourselves and better ourselves in our own interests.

The laws of nature compel us to fight with our minds and with force to take back what the Jews have stolen from us. The laws of nature provide us with the rewards of our strength and the immense value of our territory, which we took by force, and which we have the natural right to enjoy for our benefit.

Our land offers us all we need to prosper. We gain nothing by internationalizing our land for the benefit of the obscenely rich, so that they can also exploit other nations and ultimately globalize all, reducing the surface of the Earth to dust. In fact, we lose our middle class when we allow the grossly rich and the fictions to take land abroad. We make the richer even richer and lose our political power to them. And we lose our own sovereignty by inviting in foreigners and fictions to steal our land and exploit it without regard for our future. We lose both ways and only internationalists profit.

We have the right and the duty to fence ourselves in from the poverty and misery the Jews have brought to much of the rest of the World. To do otherwise is utterly stupid and violates the most fundamental principles of survival. We have the right and the duty to fight off competitors and enemies, and to preserve ourselves.

We bear no obligation to contract leprosy in order to make the World a fairer place for all. Our onus is instead to make ourselves healthy.

Internationalism is a losing tradeoff on every front for Americans in general. Why would we ever want to trade down? Do we have so little faith in our own abilities that we would give over what is ours to the vultures who circle our shores in hopes of bettering ourselves by joining in the misery of lesser nations?

The laws of nature do not compel us to open our gates to any and all. Instead, natural law will kill us off in short order if we refuse to defend ourselves, and instead sing the praises of our enemies and welcome them into our home.

Even a dog has enough natural sense to grind a tick in its teeth and rid itself of a parasite. Nature can only save us if we obey its laws and fight for our survival, in no small part by defending and improving our territory.

The Jews do everything they can to remove us as far as possible from our natures, which protect us. Internationalism runs contrary to every human instinct. Do we want billions of hostile foreigners voting to govern our fate? Have we no self respect or love for our own kind. . . enter the Jewish lies that we have no kind of our own.

It is often the unkind that proves the kind. Travel abroad, and you will discover the unkind. Look at Jewry and you will discover the unkind. Ours is a better kind and we will do better still when Jewish influence is destroyed, and with it, internationalism.

No people other than the Jewish people promotes global internationalism. Internationalism is a Jewish disease, and the only cure is to remove Jewry from public life.

No people instinctively degrades itself and sacrifices its own interests as a deliberate act of national suicide. It is only the Jews who deliberately invade every nation in order to turn every nation against itself. National suicide is a Jewish psychosis, and the only cure is to remove Jews from public life.