Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revolutionary Social Unrest: One of the Ways in Which the Jews Seek to Drag America Down

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews want America to fall. White America has long enjoyed a comparative lack of social problems when compared to other nations and non-White minorities. This relative freedom from social ills has given us tremendous competitive advantages over other nations, where the Jews have successfully promoted constant social conflict.

But we have allowed the Jews to saw and gnaw at the underpinnings of our social stability through the media and the corruption first of minorities, then Whites. This is reflected in our prison population, and in the general Zeitgeist of our nation, which I can attest has lost much of its class, civility and integrity as foreigners and media have corrupted us. I believe my generation is the last to remember what we have lost, and if we fail to regain it, the Jews will define for Americans a myth of what was, so as to control what will be. We already see this happening as the Jewish alternative media promotes White guilt and anti-Americanism and actively seeks to Balkanize America and take from us all of the natural advantages which are our birthright if only we would claim and defend them.

We should be promoting social stability, not social unrest. We, not our enemies, should be the ones telling Americans the proper means and methods to obtain peace, honor and prosperity. Should we fall into the Jewish trap of becoming nihilistic revolutionaries, we will only be able to offer Americans destruction as a future, while the Jews will capitalize on the situation they have then created for the purpose, to offer Americans "security", at first by imprisoning and executing us.

We should be telling our fellow citizens the ways to improve our nation, rather than tear it down.