Friday, December 10, 2010

Ron Paul Is the Sen. Aldrich of the 21st Century: Why Should We Voluntarily Collateralize Our Unsecured Debt?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in May of 2007, I revealed the fact that Ron Paul is slated to be the Sen. Aldrich of the 21st Century and will give the bankers exactly what they want, while pretending to be opposed to the bankers. I disclosed the fact that Ron Paul is controlled opposition to the bankers. My predictions have come true, as Paul will chair the monetary policy subcommittee overseeing the Federal Reserve. Is anyone so naive as to believe that Paul would be given this task if he were not an agent of the bankers?

The Jews are deliberately destroying the Fed so that they can replace it with a new monetary system of their design. The Jews have deliberately stolen trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer and the Jews now want to secure this theft, which they call a loan, with collateral in the form of gold.

In order to go on a gold standard, we will have to place all of our gold, public and private, into circulation and give it up as specie payments which the Jews will then horde and send to Israel. We will immediately lose every bit of real gold we have to foreigners. We will also have to borrow gold from these same Jews, gold which nowhere exists other than in the form of fictional electronic gold credits. In this way, the Jews will steal all the gold in America by tricking us into collateralizing the dollar with gold at a fixed rate of exchange, when we have no need to do so and will only lose by doing so.

We could instead tell the Jews, and their puppets, the Asians, to go to hell, or we could monetize the debt; and start off fresh with a new system of greenbacks. The Jews are destroying the dollar as the reserve currency of the World, so we would lose nothing by telling the Jews and the Asians that we will not oblige their usury.

If we instead turn paper into gold, all of it will go directly into Jewish and Asian reserves, never to return to America, and our debts will increase exponentially and rapidly as we are forced to borrow gold credits to maintain a currency. Without a currency we cannot function as a national economy, and if we go on a gold standard, we must have gold or the illusion of gold to have a currency. We will be forced to borrow this illusory gold as the Jews and Asians will demand specie payments on our unpayable debts and that gold will be melted down and shipped overseas as fast as it can be collected.

But we have no need to go on a gold standard. We can instead bankrupt the Jews and the Asians and build our own economy all at once by controlling the production and distribution of our currency at the Federal level, and by fighting a war against the Jews. If you personally owed the Jews 14 trillion paper dollars, would you borrow 100 trillion dollars of fictional gold from the Jews to collateralize the already unsecured debt, and hand over all the real gold in America in the form of specie payments to the Jews, all when there is absolutely no need to do so?

And the theft of our gold is only the beginning. The Jews will demand collateral on the fictional gold credits they loan us so that we can pretend to have a gold standard currency. The Jews will collateralize this debt with all our personal and public property, including all of our lands. Then the Jews will ensure that our economy fails by contracting our money supply, so that they can immediately foreclose on the loan and take all we have. And old Ron and his ilk will be there in the government pretending to be patriots and helping the Jews to steal all we have until nothing is left in our possession.

Why should we give up our gold and borrow more gold to collateralize an unsecured debt in paper dollars we could easily control? Why should we borrow fictional gold to create currency when we can instead create that same currency debt free? Why should we borrow fictional gold we must collateralize with all our assets knowing that the Jews will soon steal all those assets and will immediately confiscate the real gold we have as specie payments?

Why am I the only one explaining these irrefutable facts to you?