Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Warning! The Jewish Gold Cartel Will Soon Attempt to Take the Place of the IMF, World Bank and All Central Banks

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews control the IMF and World Bank and have used them to destroy nations by loaning monies to countries which loans do little to nothing to improve those nations, but instead profit the Jews and their agents. The Jews will soon attempt to institute an international currency based on gold reserves which have been exaggerated by the Jews, which gold banks will take the place of the IMF, World Bank and all central banks, ultimately all banks. The Jews will decry the harm they have themselves done to the World through global banking institutions and central banks, and offer up themselves and pretend gold as if a viable solution.

The Jews will attempt to exaggerate the gold supply in their reserves, including those indebted to them in the Catholic Church and elsewhere, but not necessarily the real gold supply on the open market. In this way, the Jews will keep gold prices high, by keeping the supply of real gold in the marketplace controlled, and enable themselves to loan out gold which does not exist, by pretending to have reserves of gold which do not in fact exist.

Watch for critics of the IMF and World Bank, and other international banking institutions, and of central banks, who concurrently call for a gold standard, which is of its nature international. We should eliminate these Jewish institutions, but should not adopt a gold standard as a substitute. We should instead become nationalists and oppose the internationalist Jews.