Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Warning! When the Jews Begin to Exaggerate the Gold Supply, the End Is Near

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I long ago warned the World that the Jews would seek to expose as much gold and silver to the marketplace as possible. They are building up their reserves. Two years ago, I wrote:

"The Jews want to expose all the World's gold to the marketplace so that they can steal it all and horde it in Jerusalem. The Jews worship gold as their God. Do not step into the Jews' golden trap and do not trust anyone who encourages you to fall in love with the Jews' fools gold. It is a promise backed by nothing but Satan's forked tongue.

As with all things done by the deceitful, and of their nature impotent, Jews; the Jews are trying to trick the Goyim into demanding the gold standard which will be the Goyim's undoing. The Jews are also trying to instigate violent revolutions which will put the Jews in absolute power in the name of defeating the Jews. I am disgusted by the fact that so many fall for these tired old Jewish tricks."The Temple of Solomon/Satan to be the Gold Reserve for the World-Wide Jewish Fractional Reserve Bank/Currency, December 11, 2008

I was warning of the same things four years ago in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein at pages 43, 47, 51, 164-166, 381, 405-408, 1000, 1208-1209, 1393, 1448 1nd 1661; and in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians at pages 250, 279-280, 282 and 329. This is why, four years later, we see shops offering to buy gold around the World; just as I predicted would happen.

The Jews will soon begin to exaggerate the gold supply, falsely claiming to hold in reserve gold which does not exist, so that they can "loan" out this non-existent gold as if "money" in the form of electronic credits to governments, banks, etc.; and ultimately in the form of a privately controlled international currency. It is the same old Jewish scam of fractional reserve banking and the Jews must pretend that there is more gold in reserve than there can be, so that they can make loans backed by an illusion, not real gold. They will then collect interest off this fraud, and force the World to destroy the environment mining more gold to churn up interest payments for gold which never existed in the first place. The result will be universal debt slavery, deflation and economic stagnation World-wide, which is what the Jews desire so that the distance between their riches and power, and Goy poverty, servitude and powerlessness grows ever larger, until they can simply murder all non-Jews.

When you clamor for a gold standard, you are crying out for gold plated chains that will enslave you, then choke you to death. Your mind is already the Jews' possession, soon to be followed by your life, your nation and all your property.