Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I Love About America: A Response to J. B. Campbell's Anti-American Aggression

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



J. B. Campbell has published a deliberately demoralizing article, which attacks America based upon the fallacy of faulty generalization. He has declared himself my national enemy, and I take him at his word:


One need only generalize Campbell's attack on America to include all white Europeans to see in living color the irrational basis of his criticisms of our nation. One could take it another irrational step and condemn the entire human race for the actions which are more properly attributed to the Jews, and their documented 2,500 year old war on humanity. The British, French and Spanish claimed a whole lot of Indian territory, before Americans took over this land, and Campbell makes us a scapegoat for their actions, and he does a lot of that, scapegoating Americans generally for the deliberate crimes of Jews and their puppets.

The Jews routinely make a similar general attack on Germans for the alleged crimes of the Nazis, as does Campbell's assault on America, with the same obvious intent to demoralize the targeted group and to defame them internationally. When the Jews wanted to obliterate Germany, they published the book, which Campbell cites, Germany Must Perish!

Would Campbell insist that "America Must Perish!" and, if so, in what way? Campbell speaks of American genes, to where is Campbell's propaganda intended to lead a World that is increasingly turning against America and Americans, especially American Whites? Campbell states, referring to a supposedly uniquely American murderous arrogance,

"But there's a gene in us that makes us extremely dangerous and destructive. We have been conditioned to view ourselves as exceptional-better than other people-and deserving of whatever other people have, such as land, gold, oil, water, whatever. You can see this gene metastasizing in the leaked videos of Americans slaughtering Iraqi civilians from our multi-million dollar attack helicopters. I say they’re ours because we’re on the hook for them."

When the Jews sought to demoralize subjects of the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, the British Empire, etc., they published similar attack's to Campbell's attack on America. Campbell's words stink with same sour, corpse-like stench. He rattles off a roll call of crimes he attributes to Americans in general terms, while concurrently conceding that Americans have been fed a steady diet of lies which cover up these primarily Jewish crimes, and/or specific war crimes, and acknowledges that Americans are not aware of these facts. So how is it that Americans are generally responsible for actions the subverted nation has taken under false pretenses, or would Campbell eliminate the human race because it is capable of crimes when subverted by the Jews?

Of course, Americans do bear the responsibility to exercise due diligence before waging war, and prior generations did commit crimes in the full knowledge of the causes and effects of their activity. So do my young children bear the blame for this? They are Americans. Should America engage in civil war and destroy and balkanize itself to the delight of the Jews who have been trying to accomplish these horrific ends for centuries? What remedy would that be?

Does Campbell assert that the American nature is evil and irredeemable, as is the Jewish nature? If so, on what basis? And what is his solution to the American problem he lays before us with overwhelming and blatantly tendencious anti-American bias? If Americans are so inherently evil, as Campbell would have us believe, then why must the Jews lie to Americans about what the Jews are doing?

Campbell is a bit of a name dropper. Many of the names he shares with us seem to be Jews, some from that Hollywood he rightfully condemns. Why do Jews figure so prominently in Campbell's background?

Rather than go through the list of allegations Campbell lays before us, and ascertain who was behind those crimes which did in fact occur, and how the American public was duped into taking actions that run contrary to America's interests and ethical code, let me instead state what it is that I love about America. It is, of course, vitally important to explore the how's, who's and why's of these historical facts, if for no other reason than to try to remedy the situation in a productive way, but it is beyond the scope of this article to do so.

So here are a few reasons why I love America beyond my loyalty to the nation which gave me life and which sustains me:

Territory! We own vast lands that provide for our sustenance and defense. Our neighbor States are weak and are under our control. We have tremendous coast lines, varied climates and terrains, all of which afford us Autarky if only we would put our resources to work for our interests. Only a fool would give any of this up, or resent it. America has great, perhaps unparalleled potential and the land can give us all we need to obtain it.

Language! We speak the Lingua franca of the day. English is our national tongue, and the language of international diplomacy, science and trade.

Freedom! We have court systems at our disposal and the freedom to speak and assemble. If others inhibit our freedoms, it is incumbent upon us to exercise and defend them; and if we fail to do so, it is our failure as human beings, not the failure of our system of freedom.

Military Might! We have the strongest military in the World. If we put it to use to favor our interests, it can save us from our worst enemy, Jewry. Only a fool would give up such force, and in favor of what, the power of the Chinese, Russians, or?

Infrastructure and Entrepreneurial Spirit! America has imported great and productive minds from around the World and cultivated an industrious entrepreneurial spirit. The Jews have tried to subvert this native genius by corrupting our educational systems and promoting the Communist myth of the working class hero, while promoting higher education among their own; but the native genius of our People remains and can be tapped for our own benefit, as opposed to the internationalists' benefit.

Farmland! We have great stretches of farmland to feed our People, and varied climate to provide us with homegrown food year-round. Campbell, in a typically Jewish manner, tries to falsely portray our virtues as if vices; by claiming that our land is defiled by GMO's; without acknowledging that this is not an intrinsic flaw of our land itself, but rather a deliberate subversion which can and must be corrected; not by generating hatred of America as a nation, but rather by healing America as a nation. And herein lies the pernicious nature of Campbell's attack, which could have instead represented legitimate and constructive criticism, rather than nihilistic condemnation and demoralizing propaganda. Campbell repeatedly confuses gullibility with intent, and the weaknesses of human nature and its vulnerability to manipulation, with Americanism, per se. He generally hates Americans, by his own expressions, and tries to justify that general hatred with specifics not intrinsic to Americans in general. Again, I must say that Campbell's attacks on America run parallel to the Jews' attacks on Germany. Campbell will try to counter that his assault is based on facts, while the Jews criticize Germans based on lies, but I suspect that Campbell would have a hard time consistently defending Nazi aggression, or the Jewish manufactured pan-Germanism which preceded it, though I do not doubt that he will try, just as he inconsistently attempts to justify European colonialism in Africa while condemning it in America and the Middle East.

Education! America has an effective system of higher education which can be easily improved to provide us with what we need to develop industry and health care to the highest standards. Americans view education as a right, and that provides a solid foundation for improving our nation. Our sensibilities are precious commodities in themselves and represent our potential.

Bill of Rights! America has a social contract which recognizes our rights as human beings. We have shed off Monarchy and have the potential to develop true Republican Democracy, but we must first purge a hostile subversive aggressor from our public life. Here again, Campbell craps on our rights by stating that our enemies are subverting us, as if the two were one, subversion and rights.

Campbell ignores the great importance of our American sensibilities. Those declarations in the Bill of Rights have real meaning to us, even when subverted, meaning they would not have to those who lack our American sensibilities. That is what I love most about Americans, the sensibilities by which we define ourselves, no matter whether we live up to them, or not; and that is what the Jews most hate about us, and that which they so desperately try to subvert because the Jews hate human freedom. The love of those rights is like the love of land. Some may conquer them, temporarily, but as long as we define ourselves by them, they remain a prospect for us for which we fight to our deaths, even against those who openly try to destroy us from within and provide our enemies with anti-American fodder.