Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Will You Be a Bystander at Your Own Execution?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have succeeded in separating the majority from control over their own fate, by separating the masses from reality and their will to survive. Jews have duped hundreds of millions into believing that they are ghosts inside an essentially dead body of flesh.

Christians are taught, by Jews, to become passive as the artificially manufactured "end times" approach. I suspect millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of Christians will pretend away the horror of their own execution by pretending that they are only witnessing their own demise as if it were a television show, and that it is not real to them because they will live through death.

For three and a half years I have been shouting as loud as I can that the Jews will openly convert our political system into unabashed totalitarianism with a union of the parties into one metaparty, which serves the Jews and only the Jews through undisguised Leninist "Democratic centralism". On 15 July 2007, I wrote:

Many have asked how the Russians and Ukrainians allowed themselves to be taken over and massacred by a handful of Marxist Jews. Many have asked how the Nazis were able to turn cosmopolitan and modern Germany into a racist, supremacist, totalitarian and repressive state, on the Judaic model. In the future, will they ask how Americans allowed a handful of Jewish elite to take away their rights, rob their wealth, and dupe them into illegal aggressive war (note that the three horrors are intertwined like the cords of a hangman's noose)?

HATE BILL MOVES FORWARD IN SENATE By Rev. Ted Pike--Is Bolshevist Oppression Coming to America? July 15, 2007

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Political parties which serve the Jews and only the Jews have always and only produced wars, debts, bondage and death for Gentiles. I have afforded three and a half years of forewarning of what is today happening. What have you done to help me prevent it?

You are as prepared to go cowardly into death as were the hundred million who let the Jews slaughter them in the 20th Century. Can you not see the absolute control that the Jews will have should they succeed in removing even the illusion of a multiple party system? The new rule will be conform or die, or just plain die to make room for a better world.

I can now see with my own eyes how the Russians let a handful of Jews slaughter them. The Jews are slaughtering you, before my very eyes, and you do not a damn thing to stop them.

I am offering one means to fight back, the POWER PARTY. If you have some other proposal, you better make it fast. If the Jews succeed with "No Labels" you have to wonder how long it will be before all other parties are rendered "illegal" in the name of "unity". We can also expect that this new Jewish "Democratic centralism" will quickly produce a new Ermächtigungsgesetz and Gleichschaltung by means of which the Jews will exercise complete control over the public debate without any resistence.

Fight it now, or die under it! Our defense will never again be as easy, nor as likely to succeed, as it is today. If you had listened to me three years ago, it would then have been far easier than it is now. Things will only get worse if you fail to act.