Sunday, December 05, 2010

Would You Cut Your Own Throat to Cure Strep?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following propaganda video asks you to help destroy the American dollar, and with it the World economy, in the name of combating Ben Bernanke. The video presents several fallacies in order to persuade us to destroy ourselves and the World economy in the fallacious name of hurting the interests of Ben Bernanke:

Contrary to the false premise of the video that Ben Bernanke is attempting to prop up the value of the American dollar by covertly naked shorting silver, Bernanke is himself deliberately destroying the value of the American dollar through several means. Anyone out to expose Bernanke ought to be exposing this fact. Those who want to benefit Americans, should be advocating methods of rescuing the dollar, in which Americans hold their savings and upon which Americans and the World economy depend, rather than advocating the destruction of the dollar in the bogus name of fighting Ben Bernanke, who is himself destroying the dollar.

Obviously, the primary objective of this video is to sell you silver. It is a commercial, which effectively asks Americans to cut their own throat in the name of curing a strep throat infection. Those American dollars which the video wants you to hate and hand over to silver mongers, are your dollars, your economy and your future, which you will destroy if you help destroy the dollar. Note that the silver mongers are quite happy to exchange their silver bars for your dollars.

Our primary goal is to save ourselves, not burn down our barn in order to chase off the rats inside. We will not save America by creating a silver bubble, just as we did not save ourselves by participating in the housing bubble. If the Chinese are indeed participating in a scheme to ruin the dollar and recover their dollar losses with silver, then they must be part of a scheme to destroy the dollar, which is an act of war against the USA. Why would any American view this attack as a good thing? If you want Bernanke out, then get him out and do so in a way that benefits America and the World, not in a way which openly aims to destroy the World economy.

Would you sponsor a video which asks us to arm the Chinese with nuclear weapons so that they can nuke us all and thereby destroy those who are subverting us, and offers as bait some stock in the nuclear arms business which will rise in value if you help to make it more valuable? Why is Max Keiser promoting this attack on America through our currency, and why is he so prominently featured on a Russian television network?

Note that I am not trying to encourage or discourage anyone from investing in any commodity. How you invest your money is your own business.

We should not be helping the silver mongers to create a silver bubble. We should be helping ourselves by building our nation with sound and sustainable monetary policies. We should be promoting constructive, not destructive, measures.

By the way, are those Hebrew letters featured on the software used to make these videos?

I am beginning to wonder about the Russian psychological war being waged on the "patriot movement" and its ties to the gold and silver cartel. Why are so many featured in anti-American, pro-Chinese and pro-Russian, Russian television propaganda? Didn't David Duke have a Russian girlfriend? What is going on?

Why is the "patriot movement" trying to make it cool to hate America? Why are they promoting China and Russia? All of this reminds me of the Jewish subversives during the Vietnam war who used it, a war the Jews manufactured and perpetuated, as a means to promote anti-Americanism. Why would American "patriots" cheer the demise of America and the rise of China and Russia?

We should not gargle acid to cure strep, nor should we move about in the night to ward off Jewish vampires. We should instead release their fangs from our throat and celebrate, rather than denigrate, ourselves. We should seek to bolster our economy, not destroy it.

Why am I the only person speaking out against this anti-American propaganda? Where is our Federal government? If these immensely wealthy Jewish controlled banking and financial institutions were really being attacked by these propagandists, why would they not wage a counter offensive? Surely they have incentive, and the finances and the means at their disposal to do so.

Instead, it appears that I am the only voice promoting American interests against those who are attacking us in this way. The rest are siding up against us, or were working against us from the beginning.