Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Desperate Spin in the "Alternative Media" and on Message Boards

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Now that the fact that Jared Lee Loughner is a Jew is widely known, the Jewish "alternative media" and the Jewish megaphones on the message boards are trying to spin the facts to avoid any understanding of what Loughner said and did in the context of Jewry, the international Jewish agenda, and Judaism. They are trying to spin the story in two directions. One, that the young man is a nut, end of story, move along nothing more to see, his Jewishness is irrelevant. Two, that he might have been on antidepressants and or antipsychotics and this is a story about drugs, not Jews.

The "alternative media" and the message boards are clearly dominated by Jews who want to obscure and avoid that fact that a Jew tried to murder a Jewish American Congresswoman, and did murder several other Jews, in an act which would have known repercussions for Americans in general. Loughner's videos are cryptic, not incoherant or mad. The Jews do not want you to investigate what they really mean.

Another interesting post on Stormfront addresses one aspect of Loughner's Cabalistic practices which I have already addressed, his talk of "lucid dreaming", a practice made famous by Carlos Castaneda, as I have already mentioned. "CatherineGrace" posted an interesting link on this subject in the following Stormfront post, which is buried among cries effectively calling for us to let the story drop as if the story of a nut, in which his Jewish background is supposedly irrelevant:

This post directs us to:

A Kabbalistic Guide to Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection by Mark Stavish, M.A

Observe how the Jews are trying to convince us that the fact that Loughner is a Jew is irrelevant because he is supposedly nuts. Loughner's videos are not unintelligible, rather they are coded messages in Cabalah, Gematria, metaphors, astrology, symbols and images, all of which are quintessentially Jewish.

Just now, Kevin MacDonald and others are starting to discuss a small portion of that which I have already stated from the beginning, but he has no penetrating insights into these facts and MacDonald's statement is brief and uninsightful. We need people who really know the hidden meanings of the Gematria to analyze this Cabalistic attack on our country. Not only have a Federal Judge and others been murdered, but an attempt has been made on the life of a member of Congress with the obvious motive to change the course of history and bring on the Jews' "end times" for all of humanity. This is very, very serious stuff!

We must investigate this crime and trace out the connections to their highest sources. This is a Jewish attack on the human race.

If the spin control of the "alternative media" on this story does not convince you that it is a Jewish controlled enterprise as much or more so than the main stream media, then you are a hopeless fool.

The encrypted Cabalistic message Loughner sends is that the Jews are about to destroy the World. If that is not serious enough for you to take due notice, then enjoy your time in hell. Loughner has already mocked you and your stupidity.