Sunday, January 09, 2011

Loughner Meets Zeno Meets the Talmud

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In studying the Loughner videos, I believe I understand the message he seeks to deliver.

Loughner writes of distributing new currency lethally and non-lethally, which I suspect is a metaphor for bullets versus gold and silver coins; and Loughner asks where the location of your coins is, depicting an image of a target as if a geocentric universe, targeting the Earth for destruction.

Since Loughner could not have a gold and silver currency to distribute non-lethally, he sought to distribute lead bullets, instead.

Loughner argues that if a thing can be created it can be changed, or that a new thing can likewise be created. I suspect he is creating a metaphor from the change from gold currency to paper money to bullets on an individual level, and a revolutionary change in government.

The alphabet and the number 1 figure heavily in his reasoning, and I suspect that is why he chose one year before the supposed end in 2012. He also depicts a new symbol, which may be the eye of horus, but I suspect more strongly is the constellation of aquarius to symbolize the age of aquarius. His references to the alphabet are probably references to the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, and perhaps he hopes by changing the beginning or end he can affect all of time.

Loughner is telling us that the universe began without a year preceding the start year, and that the universe is about to end, because if time has a beginning it has an end, and that not one year can be added to the start of time, and not one year can be added to the end of time.

The timing of early January 2011 is quite significant, because I suspect Loughner believes the universe will end in 2012, and we are at the beginning of 2011, one year before the end of time in Loughner's view. He obsesses on the limits of time, repeating the theme that the year before the beginning was this, and the year before the end is now, and that both directions of time have a limit and a year prior to that limit.

He, or someone whose video he admires, burns the American flag, while donning a garbage bag/body bag, cryptically refers to an American bald eagle being replaced by a new bird eluding to a revolution that will replace our government with a new one, symbolically addresses himself as the right wing of politics and the death of America, and states that all of time is but an instant in retrospect as part of his theme that we as the last generation define all that is and ever was:

America: Your Last Memory In A Terrorist Country!

As it begins, so it ends. As you do unto others, so will be done to you. I suspect that is the cryptic message of Jared Lee Loughner.

It is interesting that Loughner's views mirror Jewish mysticism and that he is a gold bug. The Jews believe that we are now at the end of time, and like Loughner, that the world will end in violence. The Jews also want to burn America.