Saturday, January 01, 2011

Pay Close Attention to What and Who the Jews Define as Heroic and Our Heroes

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Examine ancient religions and cultures and you will observe that most normal human beings defined their heroes as those who saved the nation from its enemies, foreign and domestic; especially those who performed superhuman deeds of self sacrifice. The hero was often intelligent, strong and clever. Most of all, the hero was loyal to his people.

The Jews use defamation and hero worship to control us. The Jews tend to define our heroes as champions of abstractions, not peoples or other real things, even when the Jews try to coopt real heroes for their own Jewish purposes. Jewish heroes champion Jewish abstractions and concepts and only champion nations and peoples when doing so merely supports Jewish notions.

Christians worship a Jew and find him heroic not because he championed their people or was loyal to their group, but rather because he championed ideals, Jewish ideals which are self destructive and easily obtained by anyone who merely claims, "I believe!"

Communist Hollywood Jews gave us the "working class hero", who is a supposed hero not because he defends the people or accomplishes great things as an individual which better our world in general, but rather because it is easy for the least amongst us to aspire to this mediocrity, or submediocrity, and because this supposed hero is anti-intellectual and anti-bourgeoisie reducing the Goyim to perpetual peasantry, and further because this individual is easily manipulated to conform to what the Jews define as the best goals of society and does not depend on logic or scientific methods. The heroes the Jews give us so that we can seek to emulate them, destroy us. They attack other nations not to defend America, but rather to spread Jewish ideals and accomplish Jewish goals. Our soldiers make the World safe for Jewish democracy, they do not defend our national interests or our national ideals, in the Jewish portrayal of our supposed heroes.

The old religions made their gods heroic champions of the nation and the people. The indigenous gods glorified the nature of the people and the nation and defended them.

The new Jewish religions make their gods champions of self destruction and demand aggressive proselytizing in the form of aggressive war. They are absolutely intolerant of human nature and dissension or disagreement, and attack the person as well as the nation, compelling believers to attack all non-believers so as to create an homogenous anti-human World.

Pay careful attention to what the Jews define as heroic and who they promote as heroes and how they promote them. Notice that our supposed "great Americans" are promoted as if defenders of "universal" abstract ideals, rather than defenders of our soil and our people. The Jews almost always portray our heroes as if aggressive and intolerant internationalists of one stripe or another. The Jews tend to define our heroes as attackers rather than defenders, and our heroes are defined for us as if attacking or defending ideas, rather than real beings.

In this way, their crimes are diminished as are their accomplishments, as if all part of a divine process, all held comfortably in the tentacles of the international Jewish octopus. When our heroes commit genocide, it is only ideas that are under fire, anti-Jewish ideas, so the crime is not seen as the horrible reality it is. When they save our shores, they are instead rescuing thoughts, Jewish thoughts, so their actions do not promote our nation or our people but instead promote the Jewish subjugation of our people and nation.

Compare the heroes of old with the Jewish Hollywood hero. See that the Jewish hero attacks and destroys the very nation and people it purports to save.

The reverse side to the obverse face of the Jewish hero, is who and what the Jews defame. The anti-hero is most strongly portrayed in the Jewish media as anyone who fights back against Jewish aggression. Hence, the Jews make Whites, National Socialists and Muslims the anti-heroes of their Hollywood productions, and make their supposedly most noble heroes those who murder Whites, Germans and Muslims; not because the "heroes" protect America, but rather because they perpetuate Jews and Jewish ideas by attacking human beings, national sovereignty and human dignity.