Saturday, February 19, 2011

300 Million of Us and Still Not One Viable Presidential Candidate Who Will Lead Us Against the Jews?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "alternative media" drama queens are in full blossom with soap opera after soap opera diffusing and rendering irrelevant the dissident community in America. The monkey faced Jews in the "alternative media" are telling our youth not to pursue higher education, but to instead place the military in charge of America so that they can give our gold and our freedoms to the Jews and rule our lives. What is not happening is that the "alternative media" is not calling for us to organize politically to combat the Jews, other than to ruin ourselves with a Jewish orchestrated "revolution" as took place in Egypt.

What would a "revolution" accomplish for us if we cannot even field a candidate for President in 2012? It would accomplish for the Jews their much desired ultimate destruction, balkanization and internationalization of America.

I, alone, took the following steps, among others, in 2008 (and before) in an effort to save America from Obama and the Jews: I warned that Obama is a Bolshevik creation of the Jews. I warned that Obama won the Illinois Senate race through the actions of bankers affiliated in one way or another with Goldman Sachs, and through the collusion of the Democrats and Republicans to put him in power. I warned that Obama is a psychopath and pathological liar, and is a script, not a strong candidate. I warned that the "change" Obama would bring us is from bad to much worse. I warned that Obama would give away our wealth to the bankers and destroy our industry, and that the Jews would try to make a messiah figure out of him. I did all this before Obama was elected, and while the Jewish "alternative media" was telling you that Obama would be our savior. I also created the "Power Party" and its platform to combat Jewish aggression against America and the World, and to improve the living standards and freedoms of Americans. I also warned that Ron Paul is another fruit of the evil Jewish tree and accurately predicted that he would disappoint his deluded base.

We need a viable and authentic candidate for the 2012 Presidential election. The Jews are filling your heads with talk of revolution and with asinine soap operas so as to prevent you from organizing a political movement to save America and the World from the Jews. With 300 million of us, surely there is at least one who can make a decent run for the Presidency.

The strategy is there. The platform is there. We need a candidate, and now!