Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Additional Tangential Response to Zahir Ebrahim

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dear Zahir,

In a letter you carbon copied to me, which is addressed to John Kaminski, you refer to me as if having "common-cause" with John Kaminski:

"Your take in your interesting article which you emailed me this morning, 'Just another Hebrew pharaoh - Egypt today exactly mirrors Bible's phony Exodus story', is evidently similar to this one by your fellow-comrade in common-cause, Christopher Jon Bjerknes:"

What is this supposed "common-cause" to which you refer?

You also state:

"You will also see similar concern expressed in my letter to Christopher Jon Bjerknes for his own blanket usage of the word 'Jews' when he is really referring to the deeds of 'hectoring hegemons' many of whom indeed also happen to be from the Ashkenazi Jewish cabal today.

Why do you post-metanoia boys limit the urge to conquer, to plunder, to be uber alles, only to the Jews?"

What "metanoia" are you attributing to me and what is the basis for your assertion?

Why do you falsely allege that I have stated that, "the urge to conquer, to plunder, to be uber alles, [is limited] only to the Jews?"

Why are you dishonestly criticizing me with strawmen of your manufacture, which thoughts are the product of your mind, not mine?

Would you kindly provide examples in an attempt to substantiate your baseless allegation that I supposedly make, "blanket usage of the word 'Jews' when [***] really referring to the deeds of 'hectoring hegemons' many of whom indeed also happen to be from the Ashkenazi Jewish cabal today."

Has it not occurred to you that the Jews lived in relative harmony with the Muslims, because the Jews created Islam as a reaction to Christianity to provide the Goyim with a more Jewish/Noahidish religion and therefore did not vent their hatred of Christ on Muslims as they do on Christians? Have you never considered the fact that the Jews, Ashkenazi, Sephardic and others, pitted the Christians against the Muslims again and again in history, causing them all to suffer? Is that true harmony, or merely the product of Jewish subversion, cowardice and genocidal animosity; as the Jews hid among the Muslims to attack them and the Christians by agitating them to attack their own and each other?

You falsely assume that because Semitic Jews have lived among Muslims in relative peace, that they were innocent of the conflicts taking place between and among various Christian and Muslim sects. Ashkenazi Jews did not live among Muslims in large numbers, but this does not mean that they did not act with other Jews to harm Muslims directly, and through wars with Christians and others; or that their beliefs differed in relevant ways from other Jews. Askenazi Jews live in great "harmony" (as parasites) with Americans in the same sense that Semitic Jews lived in peace with Muslims, and yet both groups did great harm to America and Islam as Jewry.

This indicates that Americans and Muslims have failed to properly defend themselves from the Jews, not that the Jews, "Eastern" or Ashkenazi, are benevolent towards Muslims and Americans. Your distinctions among Jews are arbitrary and ignore the hostility of Jewry to humanity from its foundational texts onward. You create a fantasy of noble Muslim-loving "Eastern Jewry" (creating fantasies is evidently something you are prone to do) in order to prove with falsehoods that Judaism and Jewry are not evil by their self definition. The fictional characters Moses and Joshua were not Ashkenazi Jews and they were genocidal and racist maniacs.

You try to glorify yourself with your pompous piety in the fantasy world of Islam, but it too demands horror and genocide, and your being a victim of your religious fanaticism does not excuse your submission to these horrible beliefs. There, you see, I do not merely attribute "the urge to conquer, to plunder, to be uber alles, only to the Jews". The Jews including Ashkenazim, Sephardim and others, have used the Muslims' historic desires to attack the Christians, and vice versa. So stop trying to portray yourself as if some pious victim of Whitey. The Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus have shed enough of each others blood for you to make yourself ridiculous when you seek to make yourself out to be the paragon of virtue and a poor victim.

In fact, your self image of victimhood, false portrayal of my work, slimy use of flattery and pretense of friendliness to form a basis for attack all have a very Jewish character. . . stench, perhaps a result of your faith in Jewish manufactured mythology which evidently leads you to forgive the Jews as a class, Jewry who have done so much harm to humanity. Your Moses was a vicious hateful freak and you can lick up the spittle of the "Eastern Jews" until you choke on it, and it will make them no less a part of Jewry and no less a part of the Jewish problem. You need and must love the Jews in order to make your delusional religion real to you and in order to fulfill its horrific "prophecies". I have no such self destructive need and live in reality, not religious mythology.

Best regards, and again thank you for your interest in my work!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes