Friday, February 11, 2011

An Amazing Coincidence, Or the Jewish Model in Action?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Just before the Egyptian "revolution" actually took place, which Jewish orchestrated "revolution" I predicted years ago, monkeyfaced Jews and bankers began pitching the idea that there should be a military coup in America. Is this just an amazing coincidence, or are the Jews pursuing yet again their ancient model of toppling heads of State, then calling for the military to restore order to the chaotic society the Jews have deliberately destabilized for the purpose?

The Jews did it to the Romans, they did it to the Greeks and Egyptians (many times over the course of thousands of years), they did it to the Germans, Russians, English, etc. etc. etc.; and now the Jews want to do it to Americans, and Jews and their agents in the Jewish "alternative media" are setting the stage and providing the impetus for this ruinous attack on our nation.

I told you years ago that the Jews would stage a "revolution" in Egypt. That is now history.

I told you years ago that the Jews would try to destroy the American bastion of freedom and try to steal our gold and other resources and wealth. Listen to the Jews and bankers tell us how we need to mimic the Egyptians and destroy our country, and expose our gold to Jewish confiscation. I have been warning you for years that this is going to happen. My predictions have all either come true or have foiled the attempts of the Jews by exposing them.

I need your help to expose this Jewish design to destroy America. Note that the CIA was first to tell us that Mubarak would depart and that the military would take over Egypt. The CIA is run by the Mossad. Note the Jewish "alternative media", which is run by the Jewish banking/gold cartel, is first to tell us that America will face the same fate of military rule and that America will surrender our gold to the Jews. The connection is obvious and the odds weigh so heavily against coincidence that we must conclude that the CIA and the Jewish banking/gold cartel are one voice and that the CIA obeys the Jews, not normal Americans, and is our enemy.

Your monkeyfaced Jewish heroes are setting you up to cheer on your own demise and some of you are too stupid to realize it, let alone do anything to stop it, and far from doing anything to improve America. Where are those of you who understand what I am saying? Why am I alone in saying it? Have you no love of your nation, your family or yourselves? Are you just plain cowardly scum who sit on your asses as the Jews slaughter babies and poison the human race?

Do you want to see the Jews steal everything we have as they do worse to us than they did to the Russians and Chinese, slaughtering a hundred million of them and enslaving the rest for generations, generations designed to lead to genetic degeneration?