Friday, February 25, 2011

Beware Goyim! Judaism Is NOT Monotheism. . . Yet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jews have long spread the myth among the Goyim that theirs is a monotheistic religion, a lie betrayed in the very first book of the Torah. The Jews rejoice to hear the Muslim Goyim fanatically screaming that, "There is no god but god. Muhammed is the prophet of god!" Yet the Jews still cringe at the name of Jesus Christ seeing in him a god of the Goyim.

The Jews hear the bell tolling for the Goyim when Muslims declare that the Jewish god of Abraham (Melchizedek) is the sole god, not because the Jews believe this to be true, but rather because it means that these Goyim have abandoned their gods, their supernatural protection, and so both the Goy gods and the Muslim people will soon disappear from the Earth and the heaven, "As Above! So Below!" The Jews do not believe that their Jewish god grants the Muslims any protection whatsoever.

The Jews are not monotheistic, yet, though are trying to become monotheistic. The Jews believe there are 70 gods who guard the Goyim, and an angel over every living thing. The Jews also believe that the Serpent, Samael, is a supergod over the 70 Goy gods, a treacherous snake who accepts a goat from the Jews every year in exchange for scapegoating the Goyim for all the crimes of the Jews. I have documented this fact in, among other articles, the following blogs:

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The Jews believe that by tricking the Goyim into disbelieving in their gods, the Jews will kill off those gods, and the Goyim with them, "As Above! So Below!" When the Muslim shouts, "La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasulu Allah!" the Jew hears him or her inviting extermination.

Judaism will not become a monotheistic religion until all the Goyim, whom the Jews view as impurities, and all Goy gods, whom the Jews view as rivals of their jealous god, are exterminated. The Jews intend to carry out this ancient plan of exterminating the Goyim and their gods next year, 2012; and, that failing as it will, in this century; and, that failing as it will, as long as one Jew remains to plot the demise of the human race.

Amazing how so much of Judaism and the Jews' representations to the Goyim are pure lies. The Jews lie to you when they claim that Judaism is a monotheistic religion. They perpetrate this lie in hopes you will believe it and so make it true. In hopes that you will commit divine and mundane suicide for the benefit of Jewry.