Friday, February 25, 2011

Counterrevolutionary Nationalism Versus Jewish World Empire

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish World Empire is attacking nation after nation, including the United States of America, with so-called "revolutions", which are instead the internationalization and impurification of nation states. To combat the Jews' genocidal attack, we must utterly defeat Jewry, and we must preserve our nations.

Egyptians, for example, have been under a 2,500 Jewish war of aggression meant to destroy Egypt as a nation and to genocide the Egyptians and steal their land. The Jews have led the Romans, Arabs, French, etc. to attack and invade Egypt for thousands of years. The Jews have internationalized the minds of Egyptians with Judaism, Christianity and Islam; and, more recently, Communism, pan-Arabism and the Union of the Mediterranean.

The Egyptians should not revolt against Egypt, and destroy themselves for the benefit of the Jews. As the Americans did to the British Empire, the Egyptians should revolt against the Jewish World Empire and once again become Egyptian.

It is perhaps too much to ask for the Egyptians to give up their childish beliefs in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Some people seem to feel a need for imaginary supernatural parents and friends to hold their hands through life, and it is difficult to shake their adherence to self destructive myths. There is not at present a religion which would serve the nationalist interests of the Egyptians.

But there are many other things the Egyptians could do to remove Jewish international influence from their nation and their lives. The Egyptians should withdraw from the United Nations, create their own truly national currency, engage in international trade for the benefit of the citizenry, eliminate and prevent the infiltration of Jewry, engage in propaganda against the Jewish World Empire, etc.

The Egyptians should not empower globalism in any form, including "working class 'revolution'", international "peoples movements", pan-Arabism, pan-Islamism, the Union of the Mediterranean, massive immigration and/or emigration, open borders, internationalization with Syria or any other nation, unnecessary war, debts, loss of sovereignty, disadvantageous trade, etc. Instead, the Egyptians should once again become Egyptians and boot out the internationalists and eliminate international policies and influence; just as the Americans sought to eliminate the influence of the British Empire, the Egyptians should seek to eliminate the influence of the Jewish World Empire.

Egyptians, do not rebel against yourselves or sound national principles, including strong government. Fight back against Jewry, which has sought to genocide you and which has brought enemies against you, for 2,500 painful and destructive years. Empower Egypt and rebel against the Jews, do not destroy Egypt to empower the Jewish World Empire of internationalism.