Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Response to Zahir Ebrahim

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have received an open letter from Zahir Ebrahim which requests that I consider modifying my terminology regarding the Jews, and that I justify my right to involve myself in the affairs of other nations.

The letter begins by claiming that the Muslims have always had good relations with "Eastern Jews", meaning not Ostjuden, but rather Semitic and Berber Jews, as opposed to Ashkenazim. I would point out that the supposed ancestors of these same Semitic Jews tried to poison the Prophet Muhammed to death, created the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud, and depending on the definition of bloodlines, Cabalah. I do not seek to criticize Jews because one branch of the Jews (its largest limb) has more Khazarian and European blood than Judaen blood, other than to point out that their descendants never lived in Palestine in large numbers until recently.

I do not wish to criticize Khazarian and European blood, but rather Jews and Judaism. Jews are warring against humanity not because some of them may have a large dose of Khazar blood, but rather because they are Jews and the Jews only exist to perpetrate and perpetuate this war. It would be incorrect and counterproductive to mischaracterize the enemy as "Khazars" when they are in fact Jews and the only reason why this war exists is because they are Jews.

Judaism is an open declaration of war on the human race. It is not incumbent upon me to sift out innocent elements in this Jewish war on my fellow human beings. Any group which calls itself Jewish has as its founding instrument the Torah, which declares war on humanity. Let them try to justify their existence should they wish to separate themselves from other Jews and the Torah.

The Jews created and use the Muslims as a weapon against the Europeans and their descendants, just as the Jews created and use Christendom as a weapon against Muslims and non-Whites. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are, in my opinion, each products of Jewish minds meant to fulfill the Jewish plan to enslave and exterminate humanity. Muhammed produced an Arabic translation of "the Book" and Christianity is the Goys' share of Judaism, a religion of abject slavery and poverty. Muhammed was illiterate and the translation came from Jewish Christians. These Jewish religions lack an advanced Metaphysics, are internationalist and most dangerously, are apocalyptic. They are each based on proven falsehoods and contain internal contradictions which preclude their veracity.

I have the right and responsibility to advise Egyptians on their probable fate because I have studied the Jews and my model of Jewish thought and action has produced several precisely accurate predictions. Take a step back in time and ask yourself if I had the right to tell the Egyptians that the recent stage managed "revolution" was about to take place and that the Egyptians had better organize a nationalist strategy to counter this Jewish subversion. I had not only the right but the duty to do this and this I did do. It is the Egyptians who are at fault for not heeding my warnings and not following my advice, not me for providing them with precisely accurate intelligence, analysis and advice. I know for a fact that leading Egyptians, including royalty, follow my writings. Shame on them, not me.

Would you have preferred it if I had held my tongue then? If not, why should I become silent now, when I can forecast what will happen if my present advice is not followed? Why would I not warn the Egyptians about the dangers I know they face?

Regarding John Kaminski, I have already divulged what I was, and was not, told by Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters and unfortunately cannot provide you with more information other than to again say that Smith/Setters never told me that he was childhood friends with Kaminski, a fact he has since made public after again promoting Kaminski, when Smith/Setters long ago made a circus of attacking Kaminski, a farcical charade that spread across the "alternative media". Kaminski at one time had a relationship with Judy Andreas, and she was once married to Stan Hess, who was a friend of the late James von Brunn. . . small world.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope to have answered your questions and concerns which I suspect may have occurred to others.