Monday, February 21, 2011

President X: The Jews Are Stacking the Deck Against Americans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

What Egypt lacked, and what we urgently need, is an organized nationalist movement in place should the Jews succeed in ginning up a "revolution" in America. The existence of such a movement would of itself discourage the Jews from attempting to do to America what they have done to Egypt and other nations.

While at first sight it might have seemed that the Jews were replacing the high command of our military solely in order to assure that they would obey orders to attack Iran without objection; with monkey faced Jews, CIA and bankers all telling us a military coup is our best option as Americans to rid ourselves of the Jewish problem; and with the known Jewish model played out in Egypt and throughout history; it appears that the Jews have also placed their agents in the military for the purposes of attacking American citizens and overthrowing our government. We need a strong nationalist, pro-­American movement to counter-attack the Jews at every level of our society and to secure our nation should the Jews attempt to do to America what they have done to Egypt.

Though I personally know men and women who would make successful Presidential candidates, and who understand well the Jewish problem and how to solve, each is too chicken, too selfish and too weak even to run, let alone lead us against the enemy. With 300+ million Americans, there must be someone with the guts and brains needed to manage the task. I have yet to find the person, but will never end the search until one is found.

Americans who refuse to vote for Jewish puppets might be forced to join with Americans too stupid to realize what is happening to us, but at least clever and concerned enough to recognize that something is very wrong, and write in a "protest" vote, not for "Mickey Mouse" or some other ridiculous name that makes the act of voting ridiculous in itself, ridiculing not only the process, but the voter as well. Perhaps a common write in name, if it appeared in sufficient numbers, would encourage the still cowardly to run for office. "America" or "Jewish Problem" or some other such title, whether meant to appeal broadly, or specifically, would suffice.

Of course, it would be much, much better to have a real person with the minimum of integrity and patriotism needed at this time to run, to lead us; but if we are left with no other choice, this would at least give some voice and purpose to our vote. The worst voter fraud we face is the lack of candidates who represent our best interests as a nation.