Monday, February 21, 2011

A Question for All the Jews and Other Phonies in the "Alternative Media" Who Are Advocating an American "Revolution"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

To all the Jews, CIA agents, Mossad and/or bankers in the Jewish dominated "alternative media", those of you who are telling us that we ought to destroy America with a "revolution", I pose the following question: Why don't you Jews and agents of Jewry advocate a "revolution" in Israel, if revolutions are so grand?

To all normal human beings I demand you ask yourselves, why are these damnable Jews always trying to talk us into a "revolution" and why is Israel seemingly the only Mideast nation not in imminent danger of a Jewish orchestrated "revolution"? I must ask myself if I am the only person alive who recalls the Jews' poisonous policies of "World revolution" and "permanent revolution" when I here the Jews of the media advocating revolution? Are any of you so very stupid as to fail to realize that the Jews and other phonies in the "alternative media" spreading the lies that "revolution" is the answer to our problems are cut from the same blood soaked Jewish cloth as the Marxists who created the worst hells of the 20th Century through "revolution"? Am I really surrounded by so many mindless fools?

Look at the prominent names in the "alternative media". Categorize each in the following types: Jew. Banker. Goldbug. Gold Pusher. Revolutionary. Nearly all fit in one or more of these telling types. Why are you so stupid that am I the only person telling the World that Jewish bankers and the gold cartel run the "alternative media" and are setting us up to destroy ourselves with a Jewish "revolution"? Is it really hard to understand? Look at their websites. Nearly each one has an ad or link for or to the gold cartel. Nearly each one tells us to destroy America and to call Jews, "Zionists" and to blame America for Jewish crimes. If you are as stupid as you act, we are all doomed to live then die in a global Jewish hell of your making.