Saturday, February 19, 2011

Say Bye Bye to the Dome of the Rock, Say Hello to the Devil's Temple

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews in the "alternative media" are now starting to parrot my insights into the Jews' subversive "revolution" in Egypt. The Jews do not, of course, give me any credit for my work, and they twist what I have said to blame America and the British for the Jews' crimes against these nations and the human race. The Jews know that these "revolutions" will go very badly for the nations under attack, and for the World, and the Jews want to scapegoat us for their crimes.

But the best means the Jews have for fomenting "revolutions" is to piss off the Muslims with Israeli crimes viz. the attacks on Gaza meant to foment "revolution" in Egypt, and the attack on the Mavi Marmara meant to make Turkey, the Jews' oldest ally, the leader of the Muslims. I explained all this years ago. Now I will tell you what comes next.

The "revolutions" will go very badly for Islam, and the Jews will backstab and double-cross all their covert allies. Islam will become very, very weak as will the rest of the World.

The Jews' plan is destroy the Dome of the Rock and build a demon and Devil worshiping "Temple of Solomon" on site, to make it the center of animal and human sacrifices, and to make it the depository for all the gold in the World for the Jews' international gold standard scam. With Islam shattered, and the World in an oil shortage driven depression, the Jews will bomb the underpinnings of the Dome of the Rock, blame it on "space aliens" or some other nonsense, and drive Islam to completely devour itself. Then they will build a temple to the their Devil god and start sacrificing animals and humans to gain "atonement" for ever forgetting that their god is the Devil, and only the Devil, the jealous vampire that is the Jewish god.