Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Union of the Mediterranean", Europa, Turkey, Egypt and Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been warning for years that Turkey is being set up to lead the Muslim world. . . right into Europe, as they have historically sought to do, always at the behest of, and due to the instigation of, and with the full cooperation of the Jews:

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Among many other articles, many much earlier than these, I warned that the Jews are deliberately making a hero out of Erdogan and the AKP in order to create a borderless Muslim world, which they will unite with Europe in order to ruin European and Islamic cultures:

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Expect the new junta in Egypt to promote pan-Arabism and the "Union for the Mediterranean"; which is an extension of the EU to include North Africa and the Middle East.

Why is it that I am the only person telling you about this? You can read about some concern of a Muslim invasion into Europe through immigration orchestrated by the Jews, but no one other than me is talking about how the Jews are forming a pan-Islamic borderless region which they plan to merge with Europe. Instead, the Jewish "alternative media" is celebrating Erdogan and the crypto-Jewish "Egyptian revolution", asking us to follow the lead of these internationalist and Jewish changes.

The Baath Party was a precursor to this internationalist Jewish subversion, as was the Communist infiltration of Islam. Mubarak is a Communist, Saddam Hussein was a Baathist with strong ties to Egypt. The Jews used the Baathists to attack Iran and plan to use their pan-Arabian monster to again attack Iran.

The Jews have always used pan-Islam as a means to gin up wars and invade Europe. The latest coup in Egypt will lead to more of this.

Note how the Jews in media and government condition us to think of "Arab nations", "Middle Easterners", etc. filling our heads with Jewish internationalist terms and rhetoric so that the nations themselves disappear in our minds soon to disappear from our maps.

The Jews want pan-Arabia to become borderless and to be an extension of and invasion into Europe, and the Jews want a war with Iran to finish it, and the United States off forever. If that fails, the Jews want an apocalyptic war between Islam and Christendom, those international monsters that consumed so much of humanity stripping from us much of our individual beauty and inhibiting human progress.

Note how normal religions were and are usually nationalistic, but Judaism and its sick offspring are internationalistic with the exception of the Jews.