Friday, March 25, 2011

Among the Jews, No Opportunity Missed to Harm Human Beings

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are seizing upon the opportunity they likely created in Japan, to attack the essentially defenseless Palestinians, based on a pretext the Jews likely created for the purpose of murder. The Jews are butchers by nature, and under the cover of mass murder, commit mass murder, even against Jews so as to provide a new pretext for the mass slaughter of Goyim.

And so it will be, as long as there are Jews among us.

The Jews' harvest is large and growing. Who knows how many will die agonizing deaths as a result of the nuclear attack on Japan?

And the coming nuclear World War Three, with its sabotage of nearly every nuclear power plant, will bring to an end the Earth's experiment in higher life forms, which beautiful attempt also produced these poisonous Jews. Irony is so ugly when it comes to the Jews, utterly without healthy humor, without any of the sanguine fluid of life, only the unbalanced black and yellow biles and hacking phlegm of Jewry that spills blood wherever and whenever it can.

How much poison does it take to kill us all? How many generations will struggle to survive the Jews' attack on life, before dying a painful death and cursing life itself?

Our ancestors warned us against the Jews. The Jews are the death of us all. To live we must rid ourselves of the curse. Instead, we kill one another for the Jews' benefit.

How many Jews have the Libyans and Egyptians killed? How many Arabs will soon die? How many millions, nay billions, may die as a result of the Jews' Samson option, played out with nuclear power plants, and soon the nuclear arsenals of America and Russia?

And how many Jews must be stopped to prevent this? A coward's toll as the coward and a billion like him hide from a barking Jewish mutt with its hooked nose buried deep in its own deadly dung.

Nature must hate us to death for not fighting for ourselves. The Jews are winning ten million deaths at a time. Their prize is the death of the Earth. They are so gross as to defy language which never anticipated the evil of the Jews. Did the Earth know they were coming, or is their muderous mud from another source?