Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another "Amazing Coincidence", Or Another Example of the Jewish Model in Action?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back on 11 February 2011, I pointed out the fact that the Jews had been propagandizing us to expect and welcome a military coup d'etat in America, at the very same time that the Jews were preparing for a military coup d'etat in Egypt:

An Amazing Coincidence, Or the Jewish Model in Action? February 11, 2011

It is vitally important to note that this same Jewish propaganda machine has been agitating the Muslims for a dirty bomb attack on Western targets in the form of Cobalt-60, just prior to the nuclear crisis in Japan; and has sought to deny that any of the events leading up to, causing, and perpetuating this crisis could in any way be deliberate. It all just seems a bit too coincidental, and the denials a bit of protesting too much, does it not?

I have long been planning to expose this inhuman call to a monstrous nuclear attack on humanity of agent provocateurs provoking a Cobalt-60 attack on innocent human beings to the light of day, and I should have done it. Too many damn irons in the fires of hell the Jews have ignited for me to oblige all of my responsibilities.

What kind of wretched scum would advocate a Cobalt-60 terrorist attack, which would not only murder innocents, including women, children, and babies, but which would also provide a pretext for nuclear war against Islam? The same type of filth that has sought to vilify human beings for being Muslim without any critique of the Torah or Christianity which predate Islam! These vile snakes are the enemy of every person on Earth. They are clearly working for the highest echelons of Jewish power!

The Jews have always been poisoners of the well, placing stumbling stones and pits before humanity. Why would they not ruin us with nuclear poison, it being their preferred poisonous product?