Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Christianity: Worshiping the Enemy's King As If a God

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Jews brought the Greeks against the Egyptians through Antiochus IV. After using the Greeks to conquer Egyptians, the Jews attacked the Greeks; much the same as the Jews have used Americans to attack and conquer other nations, and now the Jews attack us and scapegoat us for their crimes.

As was the custom of many ancient rulers, Antiochus IV declared himself to be a god and turned the Jewish temple into a temple of Zeus. He forbade the Jews from practicing their ugly religion and slaughtered pigs in the temple.

The Jews were also familiar with the king worship of the Egyptians.

Caligula likewise became disgusted with the hostile and intolerant Jews. As was the custom of Roman Emperors, Caligula declared himself to be a god. He placed a large statue in the Jewish temple and also turned the Jewish temple into a place of worship of Roman/Greek gods and the Roman king as a god.

The Jews took their revenge on the Romans and Greeks. The Jews subverted them to worship a mythical Jewish king, the anointed Jesus, as if a god, their Jewish god. The Jews made the Romans and Greeks slaves to this humble Jewish king.

Christians stupidly worship the king of their enemy. To a non-Christian, Christianity is as asinine as would be the worship of Pharoah, Antiochus IV or Caligula as if gods by Eskimoes, only Christianity is worse, because Jesus was a racist Jew who called non-Jews "dogs" (Matthew 15:26) and who condemned the World to absolute destruction and Jewish rule (Matthew 24).

The Jews never have believed that their god is the only god, nor have they ever believed that their god is anyone else's god. Instead, the Jews, as was the case with most ancient religions, believed and believe that each people has its own gods to protect it and make it victorius in war, and that these gods are themselves at war and that their jealous Jewish god wants to kill off all the other gods and that Jews must kill off all non-Jews. When the Jews insist that all others bow down to their god, and abandon the worship of their own gods, the Jews are simply enslaving the Goyim in order to kill them, and their gods, off. They are NOT converting non-Jews to Judaism.

Forced or coerced "recognition" of the Jewish god as if the supreme and sole god is an act of slavish submission, not spirituality. It is an act of the vanquished, not the enlightened.

Christians live in an irrational and self destructive delusion. They attempt to justify the genocidal pronouncements of the Jews in the Old Testament which condemn Christians themselves to extinction, with the irrational charge that some ancient peoples were evil for killing their firstborn children, which therefore made it "good" to exterminate those peoples, including their infants and yet unborn children! For the Christian, the just response to murder is thus absolute genocide, a very sick and spiritually crippling belief system which weakens the morals and vitality of non-Jews infected with this suicidal Jewish mythology.

Though I am not, and never have been religious, I suspect that the World would be a much better place if the internationalist and intolerant Jewish religions of Christianity and Islam vanished and nationalist religions returned to mankind, religions which celebrate life and declare that it is good to be human and which seek to protect the nation they serve, rather than serve it up to the Jewish king (Psalm 2; 72). The Jews did not suddenly imagine a war between Christians and Muslims which would make the Jews masters of all the Earth. The Jews created Christianity to retaliate against the Romans and Greeks and subvert them, to place them on their groveling knees before the Jewish king and to turn their national temples into Jewish synagogues. The Jews then created Islam to turn Christians into Noahides and to gin up permanent wars to weaken and enslave all Goyim. This was not the product of "political Zionism" by Ashkenazi Jews, but rather was manufactured by the ancient Jews and their immediate descendants. The modern Jews inherited and manage this subversion meant to destroy humanity, they did not create it.

So when you crawl down on your knees before a statue of a Jewish king and beg him to save you from the Jews, know that you are condemning yourself and your descendants to slavery and death. Know, that from the Jews' perspective, you have slain your own god and condemned yourself to the judgement of the Jewish god with no supernatural protection, and that judgement is eternal death. The Jews do not believe that Christians and Muslims will be resurrected and given new flesh for their dry bones, when the Jewish king reigns supreme on Earth to destroy it. The Jews do not believe that their god is your god, no matter how indignantly you grovel before it.

Note that even the "Anti-Christ", Ad-Dajjal and Arminus advocate king worship, internationalism and a universal religion; whereby the controlled opposition of the controlled opposition is yet again purely Jewish in every aspect, whipping out all cultures, all religions, and in the Jews' sick minds, all gods. Note that the Jewish "French Revolution" produced king worship meant to empower the Jews and destroy the present religion of the French, and that the Jews' agent Napoleon declared himself a god, one who would "restore" the Jews to Palestine.

Yes, I firmly believe that we would be better off with nationalistic religions if religions we must have. Not the Jewish universal and international religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and all their "prophesied" controlled opposition universal and international religions. Note that all these Jewish myths preach the same destruction of humanity and nationalism of the Jews. To worship these Jewish myths is to open wide and tug on the skirt of a Jew begging the vampire to lead you into death (Zechariah 8:23).