Thursday, March 10, 2011

How the Jews Turned Whites into Vampires in Order to Steal Their Everlasting Souls

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Christianity preaches that Whites must drink the blood of the Jewish king in order to live forever. This is pure vampirism and it has infected the minds of Europeans for 2,000 years, turning them into bloodthirsty vampires shedding and thirsting for blood in order to destroy the gods of all peoples and convert them into the Jews' Noahides, the so-called "White man's burden" to make humanity Noahide "Christian" (literally meaning worshipers of the anointed king of the Jews as if a god) vampires who slave for the Jews.

The sickness of Judaism has corrupted the European mind and the European body turning Whites ever darker in their minds and bodies. Christians, beware, you are Jewish manufactured vampires and your spirits are dark as hell and destroy the blood of yourselves and your families.

Life after your death is had through your children, children who resemble you and those who bore you. The Jews want you to be their vampire slaves murdering others and drinking the blood of their king, and so bring you unholy death and unholy life. In turn, the Jews drink the blood of Christians, vampires that the Jews themselves are, in hopes of gaining that dark eternity of life through death and the consumption of human blood.

The perverse sickness of Judaism has infected Europe for 2,000 years turning beautiful people into vampires and destroying the greatness of the ancients and their bloodlines. Abandon this Jewish perversity of Christianity and return to yourselves, if life after your personal death you genuinely seek. Otherwise perish into hell, Jewish bitten vampires that you yourselves have become.

Whites who call themselves "Christian" are openly declaring that they worship the anointed Jewish king as if a god to replace their own native gods. It is a declaration of slavery and death.