Thursday, March 10, 2011

The "Jews Are Neanderthals" Propaganda Is Meant to Ultimately Target Whites

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We see many Jews and agents of the Jews in the Jewish controlled "alternative media" promoting the notion that Jews are Khazars and that Khazars are the products of an African and neanderthal mix, and are thus NOT pure "human". The Jews want you to believe that they are targeting Jews with this information, but in fact the Jews are out to pit Asians and Africans against Whites and to ruin the morale of White people.

If it is true that Jews have a dose of neanderthal blood in their veins, it is also true that Whites also have neanderthal blood. I have always suspected that some people have a dose of this blood, or something like it. . . but beware the Jews want to use this information to drive the Asians and Africans to exterminate Whites, NOT Jews.

Whites should be proud of their blood whatever science may determine are its ultimate components and must define this blood as "human" whatever its components. The Jews are going to try to make you hate yourselves and to bring others against you to eradicate your bloodline by calling you monkeys, just as they have tried to eradicate blacks by portraying them as cursed by the Jewish god to slavery. Do not trip over the Jews' stumbling stones. Do not fall into the pits the Jews are digging for you, for they are the abyss of extermination.

The Jews will soon try to claim that blond hair is the product of neanderthal impurity and call upon the Africans and Asians to breed out or kill off all blond haired people, my children included. Beware, for all our sakes, beware!