Monday, June 18, 2012

American Dodo Birds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back when Mike Rivero and other Jews and Gold Bugs in the "alternative media" were pushing Obama on us as if our best hope for America, I was warning you that Obama is the Jewish bankers' puppet and would bailout the banks if elected President. Many Jews tried to smear me, literally both left and right. You did nothing to defend yourselves, your country or me from the attack. As a result, we have all suffered horrible wrongs.

Back when the Jews and the Gold Bugs including Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Israel Shamir, Aaron Russo, Ryan Dawson, Milton Kapner, etc. etc. etc. were shoving the treacherous snake Ron Paul down our throats as if our only hope for saving America, I was warning you that Ron Paul is the bankers' pet and would serve them as a spoiler candidate and a voice for the deadly gold standard.

At that time, my life was threatened and I and my family were directly attacked, almost killed. Jews and Libertarians waged smear campaign after smear campaign against me, but you did nothing to defend yourselves, your nation or me.

Many of you have the audacity to call yourselves "patriots", but you are the best weapon the Jews have against America, because you pretend to yourselves and others that you are brave and smart, when in fact you are stupid and cowardly. You are too stupid and too cowardly even to hold those Jews who misled you to account, let alone doing anything to correct the wrongs you have helped them inflict on America. You are as bridled today by their bullspit as you ever were and the edge of the cliff grows near.

To merely call you "useful idiots" would be generous. You are also used up cowards. You are three times bitten and still shylocked into your suicidal habit of inaction when it comes to helping yourselves, and rabid support when it comes to helping your enemy.

I was a lonely, nay, lone voice when I questioned the cause of the Fukishima attack immediately after it happened. I was a lone voice when I questioned who was really behind the Chernobyl attack many years before Fukishima:

Was Chernobyl an Accident, or Yet Another Jewish Attack on the Ukraine? December 23, 2008

And who is it now who parrots what I said then? Do they acknowledge my work? And who is it that seeks to hide what I and the parrots have said?

All of this horror could have been prevented if you had acted on the warnings I gave you years in advance. We now have no good option for President, because of you. Blame only the Jews and the hosts of heaven if you will, in your stupidity and cowardice, but the fault for our falling star lies also in the lies you tell yourself and others, but are too stupid and too cowardly to admit even to yourself. I warned you, and you are just as guilty as they.