Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ugly Spectacle of the Jewish Ron Paul Spin

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jewish propaganda apparatus that created the "Ron Paul Revolution" has now entered the phase of its campaign where it must cover up its complicity in the Ron Paul duplicity. The Jews continue to lie to the stupid suckers who poured their blood, money and soul into the pansy Paul.

They lie and claim that Paul is a good man who was forced to betray you. But they do not demand that this allegedly good man be a man, tell the truth, and ask you to help defend him. They do not offer to protect pansy Paul from being plucked. Rather they only seek to forgive his betrayal and theirs of your trust and support by alleging without any evidence whatsoever that Paul was coerced and pressured and did not play you for fools for his entire career.

Why is there no "Tell the Truth, Ron!" movement among his supporters? Why is there no call to arms to protect poor meek little old Ron? I'll tell you why, because the Jews who lied to you so that you would support Paul know they are lying when they falsely claim that he was pressured, and if they uttered a peep asking him to ask you for help, they know Paul would immediately disown them, just as he disowned the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Vote Fraud Movement.

Obama was to be change, and Paul was to be the ultimate change, a Revolution. They are the same old Jewish puppets, old whine in new skins, and the drone is the same, Israel first, America never. Face it, fools, they suckered you and seek to suck you still till you are dry and blow away.

So why don't you idiots who supported Ron Paul demand your money back? Why don't you start a Ron Paul Ripped Us Off movement and insist that he return the money he stole from you? I'll tell you why you won't do it, because the Jews won't do it for you and when that is the case, you are impotent. You are followers, not leaders. You became Libertarians because the Jews told you that is what smart people do, and you are too stupid to know otherwise.

You are Goyim, stupid. Yours is to obey, not demand accountability. They spit in your face and stole your money. What are you going to do about it? Nothing!

You Libertarians are supposed to be the vanguard, isn't that how you see yourselves. Stupid suckers! Same Jewish drivel as Communism and it attracts the same stupid selfish psychopathic personality type. You think you are superior and you're the most enslaved.