Monday, June 18, 2012

Well Trained Dogs Only Obey Their Masters

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

American, you were taught from birth to revere and bow down before a Jew named Jesus and his father, the Jewish god. You were taught that a Jew, Albert Einstein, was the smartest person ever to have lived. They showed you naked dead Jews and told you the worst thing that could ever happen is to kill a Jew and that any nation that warred with Jewry is inherently evil.

They trained you to listen to the media and authority and doubt your ability to stand alone for what you believe to be true. If two people sitting next to you applaud an idea you at first found repugnant, you have been trained to bend to their will and doubt yourself. You were trained to find Hollywood Jews beautiful, funny and wise, never threatening or evil.

It is difficult to unlearn that which you have been taught from birth. It is difficult for old dogs to learn new tricks, or to obey anyone other than their master. Jews have been your master all your life, and you reflexively obey them and look to them to lead you.

When they decided to make Ron Paul your hero, a Hollywood Jew set out to glorify him. Jews who dominate your "alternative media" demanded that you like him. And you obeyed. It is the only talent you were allowed from birth to have.

When I told you the truth about Ron Paul, Jews, many of them crypto-Jews, smeared me and you did nothing to resist their lies. You have been taught to obey Jews and media, and that is what you dutifully and unconsciously did. You can't break out of it and develop a healthy distrust of Jewry or the culture of obedience in which they have reared you, their obedient slaves.

This latest generation is being taught to loath and distrust whites, especially in leadership roles. Many Jews are a little off-white and play the victim of whites, so you don't mind their telling you what to do even as they tell you to turn away in disgust from your own kind. The Jews did the same to blacks for thousands of years.

When the Jews in the "alternative media" praise one another and tell you how to think and who to trust and who not trust, they are continuing your obedience training and forever schooling you to look to Jewry to define for you who you are and what you are allowed to do, and what you are not allowed to do. And you obey and follow as you have always done. You turn away from reasonable instructions because the Jews work together like a pack of wolves to dissuade you from learning the truth, and instead follow the group, and the Jews are very careful to pull together to control the dynamics of any group of interest to them. Together, they denounce anyone who genuinely threatens them, and together, they praise those on their team; and you my dear reader have been trained from birth to yield to these simple tactics, and you do.

You have been trained to only buy it if it is in a kosher package. You have yet to develop the survival instinct to find your enemy repugnant to the point of immediate and deep disgust, and the Jews are very careful to see to it that you never do. That is why they clown and front and control every major movement against them and use it to their advantage. They want you to be satisfied with the entertainment they provide you as they drain the blood from your veins, while you quietly and obediently fade away into death.

They fight with each other for your entertainment. They ridicule Jews in ridiculous ways for your entertainment. But they never let you organize into a force to counterattack them. They subvert the discipline of any power structure with ridicule, paranoia and misdirection leaving you chasing your tail and looking to them for direction, and you follow, because that is what you have been trained to do.

Because you, and I mean you reading this personally, because you allowed the Jews to control the presidential politics of America, terrible things will happen and nothing good will come of it. Millions if not billions will die. Whites will come under increasing attack.

And now you are just supposed to ignore the gravity and horror of the situation as the Jews entertain you with their antics about Romney and Paul and skirt all the blame for what they have led you to do to yourselves and the rest of humanity. You are just dogs after all, and it is yours to obey, not think, but you must only obey your masters as comes naturally to trained animals. And you do, and you will, and you evidently cannot do otherwise.

Perhaps this is why societies rot when infected with Jews. Generation after generation becomes better trained to hate itself and obey the parasite that has latched onto its flesh.

Soon you will learn the horror you have inflicted on the human race and all living things when you allowed the Jews to completely dominate the American political process in this election cycle. It is your fault and humanity will suffer deep and unhealing wounds because of you. Ponder for a moment how you have killed millions and see if you still find the farce the Jews fart in your face daily as entertaining and unimportant. Now cower from even your own cowardice and deny to yourself how horrific what you have done truly is and absolutely deny any responsibility for your crimes. After all you are just a dog and dogs just obey, and only obey their masters.