Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Would It Have Been So Hard?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



America is rapidly turning into an immigrant dumping ground. We have no need for this massive influx of people and no means to support them or ourselves with the new burdens they bring. Our culture is deteriorating and our cities are becoming ever more crowded with no benefits to the native population.

The Jews have completely dominated the election cycle and will bring us into new wars as they continue to destroy all of the economies of the World. They only have this power because you yield it to them through default.

You do absolutely nothing meaningful to assert your rights as a human being.

Would it have been so hard to have formed a political party that told the uncompromised truth? Would it have been so hard to have prevented the coming famine, war and pollution that might well claim the entire human race?

Is it easier to face without fighting the constant attack on your dignity, genes, future, land, air, water, nation, children, homes, etc. etc. etc.? Does it make you feel comfortable and at ease sitting doing nothing as they destroy you? Are you OK with the millions of murders you have committed against Arabs and Afghans? Does not bother you enough to shed one genuine tear, does it? And you really don't care that the next generations will soon be completely infertile and riddled with cancers and deformities, do you? You got yours, screw 'em, right?

Why should you be bothered to fight back, before they start butchering you and yours in the streets and the gulags? What's a little torture from a sick Jew in the future when you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment today?

Maybe you are right. You just can't be bothered to do anything to save yourself, let alone your neighbor. How many more can we murder anyway? Just a few billion and then the job is done, and why not, isn't that what the Jewish god wants? Must be good, right?

It would have been too hard to form a community and build a better place for our children. The Jews try to convince us that real heroes just pick up a gun and slaughter a few dozen people, according to the Jews, heroes don't organize or do anything productive. But that is exactly what we must do to be true heroes, stop murdering, and start organizing and doing productive work.

My fellow Americans, why don't you stop murdering? Why don't you stop poisoning? Why don't you become human? Why don't you stop obeying the inhuman Jews? Why don't you acquire a shred of decency upon which to pin the future? It really isn't that hard. There really isn't any other option if you would live on through your children and theirs.