Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Ron Paul Debacle Exposes Jewry's Greatest Vulnerability: Numbers

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Thankfully, there are not enough Jewish vampires to take away your fundamental human rights, your health, your nation, your living environment, your safe food and water or your government, without your willing compliance. The fact that the Jews were forced to manufacture the Ron Paul myth and shove it down your eager throats proves that they did not believe they could shoe horn Mormon Zionist Romney into the White House, or ruin us with a gold standard, without your help.

Since Jewry kept you from learning how to reason deductively or inductively, allow me to explain to you how this proves that you can defeat the Jews if only you will try, and let me explain this to you before I am completely silenced. The Jews often try to wash the internet clean of any mention of an individual, before they assassinate him or her. It looks like they will Jew me out of, probably within a week. I would not be surprised if the Jews were trying to steal away my blog as well. It is their habitual and instinctive way to steal, cheat, murder, wrongfully imprison, enslave and lie. They have committed the worst crimes humanity has endured, and criminals always try to hide their crimes. Consider the fact that the Soviet Union was a thoroughly Jewish enterprise.

While pondering the murderous Jews Trotsky, Kaganovich, etc. and their genocidal rampages that slaughtered tens of millions, and while you have Lysenko and the KGB and its predecessors and their perverse torture, imprisonment and murder of anyone who spoke truths they would silence in favor of Jewish lies; consider how better able you are to combat the Jews than were the post "revolution" Russians, who foolishly helped the Jews to enslave and genocide them, the same way you foolishly supported the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution". You see, when the Jews assumed absolute power on the backs of the stupid Russians who helped them, they no longer had any need of Obamas or Pauls.

They can't kill you without your consent in this fleeting land of the free home of the brave. So if you manage somehow to pluck your head from your pit and look around you at the countless Jews who are deliberately misleading you and opt instead to do something for yourselves that actually benefits you and the human race, then you can counterattack your enemy and secure your life and your liberty. Otherwise, you are doomed by the Jewish Bible to slavery and absolute genocide of your kind in favor of absolute Jewish dominance over the Earth.

For once, learn something from your mistakes before it is too late.