Friday, June 22, 2012

The Most Popular Jews of History Were, to a Man, Perverse and Genocidal Racists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Let's start with Jesus. Jesus was a Jewish vampire who demanded that his followers eat his flesh and drink his blood in order to obtain eternal life. The early Christians, nearly all Jews, aborted their children, ground up the fetuses and ate them. It has been a common practice among Jews throughout their history to murder their first born children as a holocaust. Jesus called Gentiles dogs (Matthew 15:26) and prophesied horrific genocidal wars in which he would genocide all the Goyim and make the Jews the sole inheritors of the Earth (Matthew 24). He never married, seemingly never dated a woman and never fathered a child. According to the Jews, he was the son of a prostitute. He effectively committed suicide to save the Jewish nation.

Now that I have your attention, let's move on to an equally famous Jewish saint, another one of the top two claimed to be heroes of Western Civilization, Albert Einstein. Einstein derived from a family of Jewish inbreds and eventually married a member of his family and fornicated with her daughters, to whom he was also related by blood. He abandoned his first wife, after repeatedly cheating on her, and he abandoned his children. Einstein was a career plagiarist and an habitual liar. He betrayed the nation that gave him life in a time of war. Einstein was a genocidal racist who called for the genocide of Germans and stated that the use of atomic bombs on the Japanese was justified. He hoped that the Europeans would be destroyed and that the Asians would take their place. He was a racist Zionist nationalist and in typically Jewish hypocritical fashion was concomitantly and concurrently an internationalist Communist. Jews had the sole right to be nationalists, according to racist Einstein. According to Einstein, what was good for the Jews was never good for the Goyim. See my article:

How Einstein Helped Hitler, December 04, 2007

Now I could move on to more ancient Jews/Hebrews like Abraham, Moses and David, a clan of racist pimps, mass murderers and genociders; but there is even more proof that they never existed than there is proof that Jesus never existed. They are also more heroes only to the Jews, these days, now that Hollywood has settled down on their glorification. I could mention such heroes to the Jews as Trotsky and Kaganovich, two of the bloodiest bastards ever to have cast a shadow on mother Earth, but again they are heroes only to Jews and no one sane. The same is true of the Israeli genocidal Prime Ministers, the terrorist clan of Israeli Prime Ministers.

It seems that to be a beloved and feted Jew, a Jew the Jews will glorify for all their time to come, a Jew must seek the genocide of at least one Goy people, if not all Goyim, must be a sexual deviant, and, most importantly, must be an absolutely racist Jew.