Saturday, June 23, 2012

Godaddy Is About to Completely Censor JEWISHRACISM.COM

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Godaddy just recently took my money to renew my website and related services. I have not changed anything on the site in years. Now Godaddy is censoring my site off the internet without any specific explanation other than a vague reference to unspecified "complaints". I guess that I am just supposed to assume that if I tell the truth about the murderous Jews, that I will be prevented from speaking. It is now presumably a given that you are not to tell the truth about the vicious Jews.

If you think you have equal rights to freedom of expression, think again. If you tell the truth about the racist Jews, you are aggressively discriminated against. The Jews are an enemy stealing away our most fundamental human rights. We cannot be free humans while the Jews exist. They insist on enslaving us and it is our duty to free ourselves.

If you dare to tell the truth about the Jewish oppression of humanity, the Jews aggressively attempt to muzzle you, while falsely portraying themselves as if advocates of free speech so that they enjoy the "freedom" to monopolize public information and can thereby murder you in silence.

This is not a game, dear reader. The Jews are regularly violating our human rights and poisoning our blood as they tear out our tongues. We have to fight them now or die.