Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The American Dream Revolution: A Short Story. . . in More Ways Than One

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Rex Lex grasped the podium with both his hands as he leaned forward towards the crowd. He enthusiastically shouted his first words into the microphone, "We are alive! We have won! We are free!" The crowd, made up entirely of paid party members, cheered and released blue and white balloons.

It was victory day for the American Dream Party. Rex Lex won the Presidential election by a wide margin. His mother was a Russian Jew from Israel, and his father, a Chinese billionaire from Hong Kong. He was a dual citizen of America and Israel

Rex Lex turned to look behind him and gestured with his left arm towards a tall flag pole. Two Israeli soldiers hoisted an enormous flag up into the air. It somewhat resembled an American flag, but there was only one star and it was a blue star of David on a white field. The flag only bore two blue stripes and three white stripes.

"At last the red blood of American patriots need be shed no more!" Rex Lex announced triumphantly. His birth name was Israel Chang.

Suddenly, every single person in the crowd produced a hand sized version of the same flag and began to wave it in the air. Rex Lex started to clap rhythmically. "The American Dream has finally come true!" he said, nodding his head in acknowledgment and approval.

Chester Cooke watched this spectacle from across the street. It suddenly occurred to him that no one in the crowd was White. He was an ADP member, but felt ill at ease. The flag came as a complete surprise to him.

A squat Jew with a yarmulke grabbed Chester's arm. "You've gotta go!" he said while pulling Chester away from the direction of the new President.

"Why?" asked Chester. "And who are you?"

The Jew, who was wearing a business suit, spoke into a cellphone. "I've got a terrorist. Bring a car," he said and pulled Chester towards the street. A black Ford pulled up and two men thrust Chester into the back seat and drove away.

Rex Lex again spoke, "The American Dream is for everyone and America is now open for business!" The ADP platform called for open borders on the premise that aging Americans couldn't fill the new job positions the party would create. Within two weeks after the election, all Americans over the age of 40 were sent to "retirement paradise" and never heard from again. All Americans under the age of 13 were taken to "freedom school" and were never seen again.

"Equality is peace! And we are now equal!" Rex Lex roared. Party members were told to denounce everyone they suspected of being "unequal", which meant anyone who was thought to be smarter than the "average hero". These "abnormals" were taken away to the "leveler" and never reappeared.

The party wanted to breed a new generation of "calm citizens". They publicly committed interracial rape and anyone who objected was immediately shot so that the party could "weed out the bad seeds". It was a small part of the dysgenics program to breed a slave populace.

Rex Lex smiled broadly. "I have a special announcement!" he said. "Those of you who are rich will no longer have to live with the poor!" The party called non-Whites "rich" and Whites "poor" in reference to color. "We have discovered a treacherous plot by the White terrorists to betray the revolution!"

The ADP contended that White Americans betrayed the "first American revolution" when they practiced slavery. Shortly after the election was over, the party rounded up Whites as "suspected terrorists" with "poisoned minds and poisoned blood filled with hate."

The crowd became ecstatic. "At this very moment our soldiers for freedom are rounding up the terrorists and making our streets safe for humanity!" Rex Lex declared. "America has finally lived up to its promise!"

Chester couldn't believe what was happening. He thought it must all be a bad dream.

The shiny black Ford finally stopped at an old abandoned church. The Jews who had kidnaped Chester sexually assaulted him on the alter, then began to torture him. All Whites endured the same or a similar fate. They had voted for the ADP in the highest proportion of any ethnic minority in America. The party lauded their sacrifice after they were gone.

Then the "wars for unity" started and things truly turned ugly.