Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Incredible Power of Envy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Having had children has taught me many things which I never before understood. Though I have always known that Jews tend to be incredibly childish people even in very old age, I did not fully understand the depth and nature of their childishness until revisiting children interacting as an adult.

I have never been an envious person. I have never felt that my mind or body were insufficient or that others had it better than me. If I wanted something, I never resented the fact that others might have it. Instead, I tried to use my brain to accomplish what I wanted done.

But I have observed from the reaction of other children to my children and sometimes the interaction of my own children, that children can be incredibly envious and that this emotion makes them survival prone, especially so in the case of children who are not overly bright. Children carefully watch other children and from a very early age covet what others have and covet the attention others receive, especially from their parents.

Jews, remaining children all their lives, are masters at manipulating envy. It is one of the reasons they are so good at advertising and controlling politics. They lead you to covet what you don't really need, and to feel left out when that which they offer is poison to all, including alcohol and tobacco, two of the Jews' favorite wares.

But that is only one side of the two headed monster. The Jews are very aware that it would be dangerous for them if you were to become envious of the Jews, especially in specific areas. It seems to me that the two most powerful emotions that provoke one to take real physical and political action are fear and envy.

The Jews always tend to hide their real wealth, both from the tax man and the public. They pretend to be poor even when quite rich. They always complain, even when receiving an unfairly large share. The Jews are incredibly envious of anything anyone else owns and try to steal it believing it belongs to them by divine decree, and the Jews are obsessively cautious to prevent the envy of the Goyim.

Envy is a strong emotion. Together with fear, it causes people to take real world action, meaningful action that changes things. The Jews understand this very well. It makes them survival prone.

When the Jews want the Goyim to kill each other, they pit class against class using envy as a weapon of destruction. When the Jews want to protect a class that serves them, they use shame or a nonsensical philosophy to counter envy, just as if they were controlling children.

In our counterattack against the Jews who would genocide each of us, we must learn to use envy as a means of survival. We must teach others to envy the Jews' power over media and politics so that they will act to take it away and have it for themselves. The same is true of the Jews' ill gotten wealth. We have to teach others how important these things are so that they covet them and will want to possess them. We must explain to others the riches that await them if they manage to acquire media, political control and wealth.

Through Christianity and other nonsense, the Jews are teaching the deliberately false message that media, politics and wealth don't matter and are the natural possession of the Jews. The crypto's whine that we should not bother with media or politics and should just surrender them all to the Jews until all is lost and then in some unexplained fashion all will be restored to us. The Jews are carefully manipulating your survival instincts of envy to prevent you from taking that which you have a human right to have.

The majority are not Jews, so the majority have a right to media, politics and wealth that represent their share in the community. Where this is not the case, the majority have the right and the duty to use any and all means to restore justice to the community.

But they will not do so if they cannot muster even a little bit of envy. Nothing else save fear causes them to act politically when it is difficult to do so.

Beware when you are advised that politics, wealth and media are the domain of the Jews and do not matter to us and are not worth pursuing. You are being schooled to have no envy of the Jews and thereby defeat yourselves.