Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sound a Gun Makes When It Goes Off

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



If you've ever been shot at at close range, you'll understand exactly what I mean. That high pressure pop is stunningly loud. The ringing lingers in your ears, for years.

But immediately following the "Bang!" is a clarifying silence that mutes all other thoughts than the will to survive. It is an amazing dichotomy between silent clarity and a buzzing urgent threat to life. The crash of an automobile is similar, but less intense.

Learning of the horrors that the Jews commit has a similar effect on the psyche. There is an immediate and lingering irritation accompanied by a focused presence of mind to preserve yourself and decency in the World.

But when you see the Jews' crimes and hear about the Jews' crimes not only every day, but all day every day, the nerves can't keep up and the signals become numb. You grow used to the shock and then come to expect it. It no longer affects you like it once did. Even especially heinous crimes loose much of their bite.

While others were praising them as if "anti-Zionist" heroes to the World, I warned you years ago that Erdogan and the AKP party were working for Jewry to break down the Arab nations in order to create an Islamic European Union of sorts around the Mediterranean to then insert African and Middle Eastern migration into Europe through Turkey. I warned you that the Mavi Marmara episode was contrived to increase Erdogan's support and make Turkey the de facto ruler of Islam, as it so long was when the Jews used the Turks to attack Europe. I warned you that Erdogan's criticism of Israel was a contrived farce engineered for the same purpose. I warned you several years before these events occurred, that the Arab nations would be provoked by the Jews into revolutions that would serve Jewish interests alone.

It should now be clear to you that I was correct in each of these assertions. But I worry that sounding the alarm every day, all day, becomes counter-productive. It is a serious dilemma, not easy to resolve.

I warned the World that the Jews were yet again setting up the Russians and Turks to war with each other at the behest of the Jews. The Jews could easily trigger this war at any moment. But for now, they are content to let their puppets Putin and Erdogan decide Syria's fate for the benefit of the Jews, by passing Syria back and forth between the Jews' cat paws of these two fearsome powers and forcing Syria to turn alternatively back and forth between Turkey and Russia for help, though both forces are entirely controlled by Jewry.

But all this is just another day in a world full of Jewish treachery. The realization that the present situation could serve the Jews to trigger WW III can only produce horror in the mind for so long before horror becomes a mute picture on the wall of the mind, mocking sanity.

There has to be a reaction for the will to survive to have any pragmatic value. I have issued these warnings for years and have developed a long track record of highly accurate predictions. But few act upon my warnings and as a result preventable suffering occurs over and over again. Damn shame, that.