Friday, June 22, 2012

Beware of Swastikas and Crosses, They Are the Jewish Letters Aleph and Tau, the Marks of the Jewish God, the Devil, and His Genocidal Designs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "alpha and the omega" of the Jewish Bible are in fact the ancient Hebrew letters aleph and tau, which originally took the form of a swastika and a cross. Christians mark their foreheads with a cross so that Jews will spare them as they once supposedly spared their own when committing genocide against the Goyim. See:

The cross, the Hebrew tau, is a mark of obedience for the dogs who obey their Jewish masters. It sometimes takes the form of an X as in Malcolm X and the X Manson and his followers scribed into their foreheads. It is also the form a sword with hilt and guard takes, marking the Goyim as Esau who will soldier and slave for the Jews. On a Goy, it is the mark of a willing slave and it is designed to play a key role in the genocide of the Goyim. It is a symbol of hate and genocidal murder and the Jewish god's plan to destroy all Goyim.

So wear the cross with pride, you most foolish of fools, and realize that it signifies to Jews your end. That is why they wag it in your face to mock you.

The swastika, the hooked cross, is the Jewish letter aleph, and it signifies the birth of power of the Jewish god over the Goy gods. When the Goyim mark themselves with the swastika, they are signing the lease of the Earth over to the Jews and pledging the end of the times of the Gentiles and the beginning of the Sabbath millennium for the Jews.

Look into it, you'll be surprised what you find.