Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get It While You Can!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Oh, ho ho, did I touch a nerve when I exposed what a slime Ron Paul is, and what slugs you are for supporting him! They surely do not want me exposing the fact that the "alternative media" is largely run by the Jewish bankers and their gold bug fleas.

The Jews are presently furiously attacking my website rights and trying to shut me down. I don't expect you to do anything to help me. I know you won't. You're too chicken to fight for yourselves, let alone me, and you just read my work for the fun of it.

But if you want the content you better get it now, because the Jews are very good at taking away the human right of free speech and you won't find many of the things I say anywhere else.

It was impossible for me to access my yahoo account for Jewishracism for most of the day today, despite the fact that all of my other yahoo accounts worked well. First time that has happened in more than a year. Today, domains by proxy revoked my privacy rights for alleged TOS violation. Who is it that doesn't want you reading my work and why?!

It's good to be back. Don't be surprised if they murder me.