Friday, June 22, 2012

As Predictable as the Sunrise, the Jews Now Want You Out of Politics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The very same Jews who fervently encouraged you to participate in the system and support their spoiler candidate Ron Paul, now insist that you step aside from politics and lay down and lick your wounds. When it benefits them, the Jews organize you and use you politically. Then, it is matter of national survival that you participate in politics and vote.

After they kick you in the groin and viciously betray your trust and steal your time and money, they take advantage of your depression to encourage you to wave your political rights and neuter yourself into irrelevance. They utter defeatist slogans and claim it is pointless to participate in politics, at the same calling themselves "patriots". It has happened in every political cycle I have yet to observe, and you fall for it every time.

Never do you step forward to support any authentic opposition to the Jews, and never do the Jews encourage you to do so. Nor do they ever encourage you to take action on your own for your own benefit. Yours is to obey, to fetch when they tell you to fetch, and to lay down when they tell you to lay down.

The reality is that you could organize to authentically oppose the Jews, if only you would try. But since your Jewish "alternative media" heroes keep you entertained and allow you to pretend to yourselves that someone is in charge and is doing something, you do nothing. You are an eviscerated corpse, not a human being. You fall into their same trap every time.