Sunday, December 16, 2012

Contradistinguishing the NSDAP, Anarchists and the Libertarians


Hitler felt drawn to what was to become the NSDAP by the monetary and economic lectures of Gottfried Feder, a man who recognized the dangers of a gold standard and the importance of loan capital to a healthy economy. The NSDAP came to power through the electoral process, not by means of revolution or anarchy. The National Socialists were well organized, well funded and did not hide their beliefs or intentions.

They recognized the Jew as the chief problem of the State, the land and most importantly the Folk. They never confounded Jewish corruption with German nationalism. They recognized that the only solution to the problem was to remove the Jew from influence in Germany. They glorified the German Nation and the German People and sought to expand Germany, not secede, Balkanize or create civil war in Germany. The NSDAP repudiated unpayable debts and created a sound currency. The NSDAP rejected class struggle and advocated class unity and equity as a Folk. As a result, the NSDAP was able to regenerate the economy of Germany in a very short time, a period during which America stumbled along in depression.

Compare this set of productive NSDAP policies with the destructive and nihilistic goals of the Anarchists and Libertarians in America. They pretend to be patriots, but denigrate America and Americans at every opportunity. They pretend to be Constitutionalists, but degrade the Founders and cherry pick and misinterpret the Constitution in ways which grant the Jewish bankers the means to steal all wealth and ruin the land, while preventing the People and the Government from defending the Folk and Fatherland from the bankers. They drain the funds of their membership and keep them from their work, rather than funding their membership and providing them with gainful employment.

Should the anarchists and/or Libertarians gain a mandate in America through their deceits, they would be unable to match the successes of the NSDAP. Instead of improving the land and infrastructure, they would rape the land, destroy industry and rob our gold reserves. They pit poor against rich and rich against poor. In the disorganized aftermath of their coup, the rich and organized would rule the day. As was the case in the post-revolution Soviet takeover of Russia, foreign intervention, money and organization would control the battlefield and the vast masses of people would suffer extermination campaigns, poverty, starvation and unemployment. There would be no governmental restrictions on the exploitation of the land or the people and everything would come under the absolute control of the Jews, who are wealthy and organized and whose genocidal objectives are clearly stated in the Jewish supremacist Old Testament.

We require the power of the State to remove the Jews from undue influence. The power of anarchy and chaos always favors the Jews, because they are international, organized and wealthy; conditions which always enable the Jews to rule over nations thrown into chaos and/or anarchy. It was Jewish money and organization which enabled the Jews to take over Russia, that and the assistance of stupid Russians who believed false Jewish promises.

Destroying the government, creating hatred of America and Americans, and creating a State which has no power to hinder the Jewish bankers will only grant them absolute power and complete control over our nation enabling the Jews to destroy it in all its aspects, people, land, economy and government.

The NSDAP demanded and created a powerful State with the means and ability to create and control currency and loan capital. It generated national and folk pride, and it constrained the Jews. Only in this way was it able to mobilize the talent and the genius of the German People to perform an economic miracle in a comparatively small territory not especially rich in natural resources other than its native genius.

Libertarianism and Anarchism contain no such recipe for our success, for theirs is a recipe for an absolute Jewish takeover of America and represents the polar opposite of the best aspects of the NSDAP. They advocate the destruction of our country in favor of Jewish money power. They would turn us into balkanized third world cess pools at constant war with each other, as they rape our land, steal our gold and generate enemies of us around the globe. They are already forwarding these destructive objectives and never are they so vocal or genuine as when they express their visceral hatred for America and the American People.

How could Americans who hate their fellow citizens, hate their nation and its history, and only pursue psychopathically selfish interests, ever match the accomplishments of National Socialism? What would be left after their takeover other than fertile grounds for Jewish exploitation?