Thursday, December 13, 2012

Galt's Gulch Concentration Camp: The Diabolical Hidden Jewish Agenda of "Libertarianism" and "Objectivism"


I have many times argued against the toxic Libertarians' and Objectivists' noxious goldbugery. I have demonstrated the mortal dangers of the use of gold as money, and the benefits of other forms of currency. I hope that it is not necessary to repeat those admonishments here other than to state that the Libertarians' and Objectivists' goals are the control and destruction of society through, in part, the implementation of gold, and the illusion of nonexistent gold, as money.

That said, gold as money is only one arm on the octopus of the Jewish Libertarian and Objectivist agenda of Jewish conquest and Gentile extermination. Another of their objectives is the founding of a slave ranch for the best of the Goyim, which they euphemistically call "Galt's Gulch", an allusion to the Jewish racist Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged. In her plagiarized propaganda novel, Rand (crypto-Jew born Rosenbaum) coaches the best of the best of the Goyim to abandon their social responsibilities and national loyalty in favor of the selfish quest for a Jewish Utopia the plagiarist "Rand" calls "Galt's Gulch". The objective of the "Objectivist" is to herd the most intelligent and productive Goyim into a concentration camp where they will be tasked with building vast estates for the Jews, a sort of Atlantis of Platonic myth, a Jewish Utopia where the Jews will live after they slaughter the Goy dupes who unwittingly built this land for the Jews and have poisoned the Earth rendering it uninhabitable without such a protected place.

The Jews must first till the soil and sew the seeds for this exodus of the best of the Goyim into their concentration camp where they will perform slave labor for the Jews, the best of the Goyim whom the Jews have already slated for death thousands of years ago. Libertarianism and Objectivism are designed to produce gross class stratification where a tiny minority of ultra-wealthy form an oligarchy that amorally and with antagonism and supreme arrogance rules over an absolutely impoverished slave class of the masses, who are forced into unpayable debts and so live and die in squaller on slave plantations. The Jews will incite these slaves against the wealthy class, leaving the wealthy no choice but to flee or die at the hands of the poor they have been taught to psychopathically exploit without mercy.

The Jews will also render the general environment of the Earth unlivable, further inciting the poor against the rich and creating another incentive for the rich to seek refuge from poisons they have spread over the Earth in their selfish and deliberately misguided attack on the masses and life itself. Recall operation paperclip where the Jews brought the best of the Germans to America after bombing German cities into ruins. Similarly, the Soviets under Jewish control stole away the best of the Germans in their sector. Thereby, the Jews diminished German stock in Germany and exploited German genius for Jewish ends.

The Jews had previously done the same in Poland and France with the destruction of Poland by crypto-Jewish Catholics and the French Revolution, which dispersed the best of the Polish and French for benefit of the Jews. Japan is being destroyed in part to force the most intelligent members of Japanese society to seek refuge. They will be useful slaves in the "Gult's Gulch Concentration Camp".

Having developed the art of slavery with a friendly face in the Frankfurt School of societal manipulation, the Jews will lure the brightest and the best of the Goyim into their concentration camp by using force, i.e. the poor masses; the incentive and objective of creating safe living space, after first poisoning the Earth; and pure greed, offering a Jewish Utopia at the end of their labors, just as the Jewish mythological Utopias of Christianity and Marxism falsely promise paradise.

The Goy slaves will be told to build self sustainable, pollution free cities. Once completed, the Jews will exterminate the slaves who built these new cities.

Meanwhile, the Jews will have duped the Goy psychopaths they created into poisoning the Earth and impoverishing the billions of poor. They will also have ruined the genetics of the Goyim and placed them in perpetual war against one another.

Toxic Jewish Libertarianism and Objectivism are carefully engineered to produce all of these Jewish sought results. They are a means for accomplishing the genocidal Jewish goals of the Jewish supremacist Torah.

When you sign on to become a Libertarian and/or Objectivist, you are tattooing yourself with the brand of the Jew and you will become a dutiful slave put to use killing off yourself and your own People for the benefit of Jewry. You will do so eagerly, greedily, aggressively and with full force and self sacrifice. You are the new Communist, only even more deadly than were they. You will become the enemy of humanity and if you cannot be righted from your wrong course, you will be an adversary of us all as are the Jews.