Friday, December 14, 2012

Libertarians Are Deceitful Psychopaths and Proud of It: How They Tricked You into Electing Obama, Twice!


Libertarians have no ethics. They are selfish and vicious and see these traits as their advantage against you, whom they view as stupid and inferior. Their personalities have been deliberately modeled after Raskolnikov of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment.

The treacherous Jewish Libertarians pretended to be "anti-Neocons", but never named the Jew. They smeared any and all who told the truth about Jewry and Judaism. The Libertarians covertly sought an alliance with David Duke and the White Nationalists, while publicly ridiculing them. They only wanted to use aware whites as a stepping stone to popularity and having achieved it, abandoned the whites and distanced themselves from them, all according to plan. Then they used you to elect the neo-Con Rand Paul.

At the same time, the Libertarians made it inevitable that Obama would face the ridiculously weak candidates McCain and Romney, by ensuring that they would win the Republican primaries. The Jewish Libertarians concurrently endorsed Obama and had their flock deluded to wait for Ron Paul to continue his candidacy for President. The entire operation was a Jewish orchestrated set up to ensure that Obama would become President, twice.

They pretend to speak up for Palestinians and against Israel, but the net effect of all they do is to gatekeep and misinform. They manage the news after events unfold, but never accurately forecast future events. Instead, they hoax their audience again and again and incite infighting at key moments to cover for the Jews. Like their Jewish Communist predecessors, they are supremely arrogant and dogmatic smear mongers. And like their Communist predecessors, there is unlimited Jewish money and Jewish media resources behind them, though they pretend to be a grass roots movement of the People. Though they pretend to be patriotic, they do all they can to incite you to hate your nation and your government, and destroy your own People.

Libertarians are the same old Jewish whine in new bottles. They have the same ultimate goal as the Communist, to skim off the cream of the Goyim in a class war and then annihilate them, thereby dumbing down the cattle and rending them devoid of leadership, while replacing all Goy leadership with Jewish commissars, as is happening under Obama, the man they deceitfully put in the White House, twice.