Saturday, December 15, 2012

Noble Consciousness at War with a Material Enemy


The Jews have been waging war on you for at least 2,500 years. One of their primary weapons is legislation which compels you to tolerate their physical presence, and the Jews' dominance of abstract thoughts which govern the fate of the material world to the extent that the consciousness of human beings impacts and changes the material world.

The Jews many times based their theft of the land of Palestine on abstract religious law, and on edicts which presume a false history provided by the Jews. The myths of Cyrus and the very real actions of Claudius are examples of how the Jews manipulated the consciousness of the Gentiles in ways which profited the Jews and gave them control over the material world through the force of law and its impact on physical reality.

The struggle to defend us from the Jews is a consuming one. It does harm to our spirits and our bodies to be in their presence and suffer the horror of witnessing just how terrible the Jews truly are. The withered face of the Jew itself speaks to the toll their presence takes on the spirit and the flesh. We must also engage the enemy and fight back in a war we did not start and do not want. The majority of those for whom we fight are themselves allies of the Jews against us. This produces a very real form of combat fatigue that has defeated many of our soldiers by way of attrition and avalanche.

We need to take a scientific approach to defending ourselves from Jewry. The simplest solutions are apt to be the most effective.

We greatly outnumber the Jews. In simplest terms, the Jews individually constitute a small mass which is easily immobilized, or moved where it can do no harm. There is no injustice in viewing a parasite and active enemy in these most basic terms. These are the glasses every soldier must don in order to do his job in defending himself, his family and his people. The simplest solution to the Jewish problem is to view it in purely physical terms, where the sophistry of the eternal liars does not come into play.

We must now strategize how to materialize this concept of our nation without an aggressive enemy gnawing at its core into a physical reality. It is not so difficult a physical task and it is only fear of the unknown consequences which prevents most of you from acting. The necessary task only becomes muddled and difficult when one is afraid to identify the enemy, or is confused as to what constitutes the physical body of the enemy.

This is one of the reasons why the enemy thrusts his ugly face into the ranks of the resistence and continually parses words and spreads lies so that the physical problem is ignored as the resistence argues over abstractions and defeats itself as the Jews poison the blood of the non-Jews, taking active physical action to destroy the physical presence of non-Jews.

We know enough about the enemy to justify physical action. We have to take control of our government and impart with the force of the State that which must be done to fight back against the physical presence of a mortal enemy and parasite who continually attacks our physical and spiritual existence.

It is important to conceptualize how to move a stone that is in your way. But nothing will change until you take physical action to move it.

This is a cleaner approach to defending ourselves against the Jews, than constantly wading through their cess for bits of fecal matter to show to the world as evidence against them. By now, the world gets it and is ready to act.