Monday, December 31, 2012

On the Need for Jewish POW Camps in America


The Jews are an aggressive and highly destructive enemy State within our State, which wages perpetual war on our nation. This enemy must be destroyed by the American Government, or taken prisoner by the American Government, until the conflict has ended.

The Jews fear assimilation as if a form of genocide. The Jews believe that there are 70 "princes" in heaven, 70 angels who are the guardian gods of the Goyim. Jesus is the 71st and he takes on all the sins of the Jews on new year's day and places them on the heads of non-Jews in exchange for a mere goat.

The Jews believe that they are the divine seed of their god, who rules over all the 71 princes of the Goyim. The Jews see it as their mission to exterminate the Goyim below, so that their jealous god can exterminate the angels in heaven who protect the Goyim above.

The Jewish god cannot and will not offer any protection to the Goyim, whether they bend their knees to it, or not. As the genocidal Old Testament states in Deuteronomy 32:9 among many other places, the Jews and only the Jews (no Israelites have ever existed, and if they did, the Jews would genocide them as they are doing to the Ethiopian Jews) are the sole lot of the inheritance of their genocidal god. This means that no Goy will ever find favor with the Jews' god, not now, not ever, and the Jews' god will not be content until the Goyim are exterminated on earth. Jews and only Jews and their jealous god will populate the new heavens and new earth of genocidal Jewish Old Testament prophecy.

The Jews are waging a war of extermination against us and it is our right and our duty to fight back with the full force of the State--the American Government and American Military--to kill and capture all enemies who wage war against us, including the Jews and their allies. The Jews have declared war on us for at least 2,500 years. Throughout their history, hundreds of nations have responded to the Jews' declared war of extermination on all human beings by quarantining, annihilating and expelling the enemy Jews.

The Jews, meaning here their highest leadership, will welcome the idea of placing the Jews in POW camps, which they will see as ghettoes preventing genocidal assimilation. The Jews will attempt to use these POW camps as negotiating chips and as stepping stones to immigration to Israel. We might gain their support, we might not.

The largest concentration of the enemy Jews within our borders resides in the State of New York. The enemy Jews could be imprisoned on Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, etc. and the bridges linking this system of islands to the mainland could easily be destroyed by the US Military. The Jews of Manhattan, the Bronx, etc. can be taken prisoner (or if they resist capture by our government, destroyed by our military) and easily transported to the islands. The Jews of Florida and California can either be held prisoner in those respective locations, or transported to POW camps set up for the purpose.

Rather than secede from the land our ancestors built, we should protect our nation from our sworn and declared enemies. They are the ones who need to be placed in POW camps, not us.

The Jews are a physical problem, a parasite that needs to be addressed scientifically and militarily. This is war, not a Hollywood movie. Stop thinking in terms of Jewish defined abstractions and start insisting that our State, the American Government, take physical action to protect us from an aggressive enemy nation that is relentlessly attacking us.